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First warmshowers guest: Gerrit Heij from the Netherlands

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First warmshowers guest: Gerrit Heij from the Netherlands

It was my pleasure to host Gerrit for the nights of March 7 and 8 2012 as my first warmshowers guest. His flight arrived from London on Wednesday evening and I picked him up at the airport and took him to my home. We assembled his bike on Thursday morning and then went to get some groceries and a SIM card for his telephone so he could call home for a reasonable price. Then we went to my girlfriend's house for some homemade soup and more conversation about - surprise - cycle touring. I drove Gerrit and his bike and gear to Dog beach this morning where he set out for Wichita Falls TX the destination for the first half of his coast to coast trip. He plans to park his bike there and return to Holland until September when he will return to TX and ride the rest of the way to the East Coast. Gerrit is a complete gentleman and a great conversationalist who shared many touring stories with me during his stay.

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what does " unregistered" mean ??

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