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Finland and Norway - mobile coverage

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Finland and Norway - mobile coverage


I'm cycling towards Nordkapp and am currently in Latvia. I was with a friend but she just broke her leg. My family is pretty worried about me going on alone, and I'm looking for ways to reassure them!

Can anybody tell me what mobile phone coverage is like on the way to Nordkapp, both in northern Finland and between Nordkapp and Tromso? I'm planning to stick pretty much to the main highway.

Any tips or advice would also be very welcome!


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dont worry

just got back to Finland after doing the trip your doing the other way round-
We live in south Finland but have also lived further north and I dont think you should have a problem. But I can ask my wife later who has been up as far as Tromso.
Finland and norway are very safe and your family doesnt need to worry about you,Here you have the " everymans right " which is right to camp wild, fish with worm and pick berries.
Only problem could be MOSQUITOS, buy as much repellent as you can before you come to Finland as it can be very expensive here. My Brazilian friend who cycled form north has nver seen worse mosquitos.But that will be further north and not a problem at moment.
It has been warm spring here but we got back on monday night and it is much cooler, between 14 to 18c.
We live about 85km north of Helsinki, in a small village called Ryttylä, near bigger town of Rihiimäki.
You are welcome to stay with us from 6th June if you like.
Its a nice place in peaceful countyside with nearby ponds for swimmingg
There is sauna for women only on monday, thurs and friday if I remember right.Also private sauna by river on sat arvo.

my mobile number is 00 358 451131706
enjoy latvia, have you tried the ginger beer and Riga Black Balsam yet ?
Good luck for your trip north and please come and say hello if you like.
best wishes , Jim and Terhi Fullwood

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