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cycling vietnam

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cycling vietnam

hi to all riders....i'm almost ready to leave the cold Italy with my dude, for a bike vacation in Vietnam..last year i was in Laos and Cambodia (not cycling) and I met sever cyclists that loved to ride in Vietnam...we are planning to get to Ho chi Min, probably take a train to Hue and start riding you have any suggestions expcially about the road? I read that the highway1 is to avoid..but there are other roads? there are good road maps we can buy there or in internet?
thanks to all..enjoyed your rides!!

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Hue and the south

Many do complain about Highway 1, but never actually cycling it.

It really isn't that bad. There are a lot of small roads that go right next to the coast. We been there twice, the most recent just last month.

You should be able to get a goodish map for about $3 at a tourist info in Hue/HCMC, but take a compass to help you out.
There is a nice run along the coast and off the highway between Tam Quan and Quy Nhon. Also just south of Quy Nhon is nice. We did turn in and go to Dalat and came back to HCMC via the east across the rivers.

Have read a few who've cycled HCM highway and not all like it. I went there a few ago by bus and the facilities were bare
and not as plentiful as the coast.

You can see month we spent in Vietnam here.

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