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cycling Taiwan on a fold-up bike

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cycling Taiwan on a fold-up bike

We'll be arriving in Taiwan next week and wish to purchase fold-up bikes to tour the island and then take them back home to Australia. Any recommendations on where to find an outlet with a good range and someone who speaks English in Taipei to purchase one? Any other useful information for touring Taiwan, e.g. 'must do' routes, great hot springs etc. would be also appreciated. Thanks!

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Welcome to Taiwan

Hello Frank,

Welcome to Taiwan.

Fold-up bikes can be carried on train. It's not a bad idea to travel in Taiwan with that. To get a bike, there are some good bicycle shops here:

Color, In Very downtown, Near MRT NTU Hospital.
1F, NO. 4, Sec. 1, Ren’ai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei
色彩 台北市仁愛路一段4號1樓

Da VinCi Bike
Two shops:
I. 77, Sec 1, Heping W. Rd. Taipei. Near MRT Guting
II. 83, Sec 3, Heping E. Rd. Taipei. Near MRT Liuzhangli

Alan's Mountain Bike
38, Sec. 5, Roosvelt Rd. Taipei. Between MRT Gongguan and Wanglong

I'm sure that you can find someone speaking English there. (maybe not very fluently, but good enough to understand you)

There are various kinds of fold-up bikes. You can find out A$80~A$400 ones here. I'll suggest you to buy good ones because you are going to take them home, and bicycles here are much cheaper than they are in Australia.

A good fold-up bicycle is also suitable for a island round trip. Some sections are crowded with trucks, but it is still safe to ride bicycle if you are well equipped.

One of the section as what I said above is Su-ao to Hualien. It's pass by a National park and you'll have a great ocean view. You'll see the stunning cliff stretch into Pacific Ocean. But That's the only link between East TWN to north TWN. So all of road traffic go that way. So be careful to ride on that route or take train from Su-ao to Xincheng (The National Park Entrance from Hualien).

If you are not very into the round trip. Maybe East side of the island is the better place for you to spend your holidays. There are two route in the east, coast line or Valley line, from Hualien to Taitung about 300 km each. Both of them run through National Scenic Area. you can do a little round in the east. I think one week is enough or you can take slower pace.

Well, there are so many good places for bicycle trip in Taiwan, especially with fold-up bicycle. I can give you too many advices. Enjoy your trip.

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Many people (mostly locals)

Many people (mostly locals) cycle around Taiwan - but due to the ruggedness of the mountains a fold-up is not appropriate for this! Also, the roads are crowded and dangerous, especially on the (scenic) East Coast.
Taking a fold-up on trains and buses, as one of the other posters suggested, and doing small (day) trips here and there might be a better option.

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renting a fold up bike

as far as I'm aware there are no options to rent a fold up bike in Taiwan for short trips. However, you could try one of the main retail outlets for some information on this, you may get lucky.

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