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Cycling in NE Brazil

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Cycling in NE Brazil

I was born and raised in Fortaleza, state of Ceara, northeast Brazil. I haven't been back in over 30 years, but I am now starting to make plans to spend November 2012 bicycling to a number of places throughout the state. I see that there are no WS hosts in the whole state, so I guess I won't be staying with any of you, but I am hoping that some of you might have cycled there and can give me some ideas.

I am trying to figure out a good way of navigating the smaller roads in some of the more remote areas. I have been spoiled in the USA with Google Maps and my iPhone, but I rather doubt that it will be of much use there, especially in the interior. I suppose a GPS would work, but it is hard to tell if any of them have much beyond Rio, Sao Paulo, etc. Perhaps a paper map would be best? Anything like the Delorme Gazetteers there?

Thanks in advance!
David Lieb

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brazil info

If you speak Portugese the check out my friend Antonios website at
he is working to promote cycle tourism in Brazil and will probably be able to answer your questions,
regards,Jim Fullwood

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