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Cycling in Colombia (Bogota)

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Cycling in Colombia (Bogota)

Hi All

I recently joined this group and would really appreciate any help/comments from users. I am from Australia and am about to relocate to Colombia (Bogota) for at least the next 9-12months for work.

I would like any help/assistance in getting connected with the local cycling community and any clubs there. I don't really know much about the cycling scene, however here there are some very good rides to be found.
* I currently race and have ridden extensively across Australia and Europe
* would like to initally just meet local cyclists and find out where to ride, the roads, etc
* will either take my bike ovewr with me or buy one there, so any help in terms of good bike shops etc would be great.

Thanks again for any help / comments. Feel free to reply here or send me a private message


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a litlle help

Hi, My name Is Cristian I am colombian but a live out there, check this out I am sure this good people will help you in everythig you need, they are cyclists too, this is the mail contact,
or search in warmshower like Angelica Gutierrez, good luck

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Cycling in Colombia

Hi Christian
thank you for your reply and informatiom. Much appreciated.
I will look at the links you have provided

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