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Cuba - General Information

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Cuba - General Information

i just returned from a non-cycling holiday to Cuba and may be able to answer some general questions...

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Rent a bike at Cuba

Bob, did you find some store to rent a good bike at Cuba? I'm planning to go there about 2012-april to cross Cuba by bike. It's safe?

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cycling Cuba

Very safe country. However, water and food generally can be hard to come by at times. Shops can be few and far between. Some really rough roads around Baracoa. If you haven't bought a book, suggest you do it. Read about the prevailing winds, etc. Have fun.

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will you be cycling between Sancti Spiritus and Ciego de Avila?

There seem to be a lot of cyclists in Cuba -- and it is wonderful cycling there!
We just returned from a short cycle trip there.
I left my bicycle with a sports teacher(who earns $15 per MONTH) in a town called Jatibonica, which is 30 km east of Sancti Spiritus on the main road to Ciego de Avila.

What I'm looking for is the following:
A charitable soul who is planning to cycle through that town.
I would like someone to drop of two tires for this bike that I left there. They are 700 tires, which cannot be purchased in Cuba at all.
I would be happy to pay(paypal) for these tires if someone can drop them off to my friend Pedro.

PS - Cuban cyclists are REALLY interested in bungie cords -- they cannot be purchased in Cuba either. Imagine tying all you stuff up with string...

Kirsten in Whitby

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