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biking around the mediterranean sea

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biking around the mediterranean sea

Hello everyone,

Just to share with you my small adventure around the mediteranean sea:
I plan to spend one year on this project. I have started for one and half moth from Munich, Germany and I am writeng you from Barcelona, Spain. I don't choose the shortest way since I ride through Tours and Bordeaux(France) following the (EV6) and the canal du midi(btw the both was really nice bikeway although it was late autumn)

If you have tipps on some niceroads in the Maghreb(Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia), it is welcomed.
I wish you all the best for Xmas and the new year!


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Morocco, Algeria,...biking around the mediterranean sea, part II

Hello everyone,

Just to share with you that my travel around the mediterranean sea is keeping on:-)
I cross the last month Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, Malta. A lot of new experiences, nice landscapes and of cours, a lot of new friends.

The newspaper write a lot about manifestation, revolution, terrorism in this countries but I only have had really nice experiences(maybe I was lucky..I don't know). Algeria was kind of special since it is not at all a touristics destination but it can not let you cold. For the biker you have to be very careful on the road they are driving like crazy.

Next countries in the 2-3next months: Albania, Nord of Greece and Turkey. If you have tipps for this countries or if you want to bike with me, you are welcomed.

Otherway to know more on my trip: and if you have question just mail me.
Take care and have a nice spring on your bike

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Congrats for your project!

I would like to cycle with you in turkey if you can tell me when you will be here. I may join you in istanbul.
I can give you information about city . if you need a shower or anything do not hesitate!
[email protected]

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