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Bike rentals germany

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Bike rentals germany

We are headed to Germany this summer and would like to tour for 2 weeks in Bavaria. Does anyone know if a shop we can rent decent touring bikes from? Thanks!

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local cyclists association

Hi there,
can't directly help you as your question is not really specific (region-wise I mean).
You could try contacting the local cyclists association, though. Their website is in German only ( but you could send an email to one of the local chapters, there are probably people who'll be able to respond in English. You can find the local chapters on this site:

Good luck and have a nice tour!

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Thanks much! I'll look into

Thanks much! I'll look into that!

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Take it on the plane

Also check out how much it would cost to take it with you on the airplane. The advantages are that you have transportation from the airport and you have bikes you know and are comfortable with. Several years ago we could take the bikes as one piece of luggage in a bike box and have our panniers in a duffel bag as the second luggage. We purchased the box at the airport and trashed it on arrival. We then rode our bikes from the Munich airport to the train station. There we rode the train with the bikes to Passau where we started our week long Danube ride to Vienna.

Make sure you check how much it costs to take bikes with you on the airplane. Cost can vary a lot between airlines. Call the airline and check if the specific flight can actually carry a bike. This might not be possible in some small regional jets. Also call each departing airport and ask if they sell bike boxes. Be sure to take packing tape with you because even if they sell the boxes they most likely still don't have tape for them. And of course take the tools to remove your handle bar stem and pedals. BTW, front and rear racks protect your bike nicely in these boxes. Some stupid airports (in our case Paris on the flight back) require you to deflate the tires for security reasons. So make sure you have a pump if you are riding from the airport. And no, there is no need to deflate tires. The airplane cargo room is pressurized.

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