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Bike box in Ushuaia

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Bike box in Ushuaia

Hello folks,
I'm on the long and cold road to Ushuaia, Argentina. My original plan was to take a bus back to buenos aires at the end of the trip but time has become an enemy and I may not have three extra days to spend on a bus. Plus, I hear flying and busing to BA cost about the same. But this leaves the questions that I planned on finding solutions for (namely a bike box) in buenos aired I will have to do in Ushuaia. Is there anyone out there with experience or who knows of a solution in Ushuaia? I also have a guitar I planned on buying a hard case for and packing most of my clothes in there so as to have less baggage....but that question is somewhat less important. Principally looking for a bike box. Thanks in advance for any help.
Cheers from the road,

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bikebox in ushuia

Hey there,
we got bikeboxes very easily in exchange for a smile and a beer in the shop Ushuaia Extremo, somewhere downtown Ushuaia.
Gobernador Paz 301
Tel.: +54 02901 434373
Cel.: +54 02901 15619507 / 15613953

E-mail: [email protected]

all the best!

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Hi Ryan, I also got a bike

Hi Ryan,

I also got a bike box in Ushuaia for the price of about 1/2 dozen facturas at a different downtown shop....a few blocks up from the bus station.*
I don't think you'll have too much difficulty. I don't know if I actually needed the box on the bus (discretion of the driver) so if you try to go w/o a box make sure you've got another dozen facturas or similar small bribe. Probably easier just to box it.

* Since I was camping at the winter sports area I took the box down to the gas station across from the bus departure area the night before and stowed it behind the gates at the gas station...biked in the next morning and disassembled enough to put in the box for the bus...know what I mean!


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Managed to find a bike box for me and for both of my friends who also just finished their trips. Ushuaia extremo was out of boxes but they pointed us down the street to "casa zeila", a department store kind of place, and they handed over three boxes free of charge and without problems.

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