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Bicycle tour through Latin America started in Suriname November 1st, are now in Guyana

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Bicycle tour through Latin America started in Suriname November 1st, are now in Guyana

Me and my boyfriend are on the road since 1st of November, just accomplished Paramaribo to Georgetown. What a fantastic experience!Will continue to Lethem, then in Brazil Boa Vista, Manaus, Belem along the cost down to Sao Paulo...Porto Allegre and via Argentina, Chile back North on the Pacific side of LA.

If there are any hosts that could give us a hand on the way, especially in Brazil, a shower/place to camp/bed would be highly appreciated.

This is our first bike tour and we are still gathering information on routes, technical questions etc. Are parts (tubes)for Dutch bicycles available in Brazil? Do you have any recommendations on scenic routes, waterfalls, nice spots to camp and stay for a while? We are nature lovers grateful for any hint.

So far the trip is great and we have come accross friendly people along the way.

Tamara and Shantaram

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Hi A couple of links to help


A couple of links to help you with routes etc.
1. Jeff Kruys, if you haven't heard of him, cycled for 4 years through The Americas ... pretty much going everywhere, including where you are and are going. His blog is on Crazy Guy > type in his name and you'll get to his blog.

2. Jeff, myself and about 60 others are currently somewhere on the Panam and are members of the Panam Riders Google Group ... Go to Google > Type in Panam Riders > Join > Wait for Paul the administrator to accept you, usually within 48 hours > Away you go.

3. Other useful websites: (On Your Bike)
And, of course, the mother of all cycling blog sites

4. Do you have a blog? I'm currently in central Mexico, started in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and if I go beyond the Panama Canal will be heading over the way you've come, so following you would be useful to me.

Hope some of this is new and useful to you?
Best of luck
Safe cycling

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Cycling LA

Hi John,

thanks a lot! I knew the crazy guy site, but all the others are new to me and will be most useful. Have given away my laptop in Georgetown, it wouldn´t have made it from Georgetown to Lethem, so we are not online too much. This might change now that we arrived in Brazil, Boa Vista, and I might have more opportunities to work on a blog...
If you bike the Panam in Mexico and pass by Oaxaca-City, let me know. I might be able to host you, that is where home is for us.
Hope to meet and catch up when we go up North Argentina/Chile etc.

thanks again,


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I was about to write in

I was about to write in Spanish, but as I'm not aware of your nationality and your English is very good, I'll revert back to type (I'm a fluent Spanish speaker).

Anyway, I'm glad to have been of help.

I'm currently in Zacatecas and will head via Guanajuato etc. to the D.F. From there I'm not sure whether to head down to Oaxaca or to across to the Yucatan, so I'm working on that a bit. Anyway, I'm sure you'll still be travelling by the time I get to southern Mexico in about a month? Or, maybe not.

If you do get a blog address, please, send me it as I'm very interested in any information I can get on the part of the world where you are now.

Thanks & Safe Cycling

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