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Anyone know a good book / map of campsites in france? Thanks! (Calais - Burgundy - Champagne - Provence - Marseilles)

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Anyone know a good book / map of campsites in france? Thanks! (Calais - Burgundy - Champagne - Provence - Marseilles)


I'm cycling from london to marseilles in June 2011 with a friend and we are looking for a resource / book that details campsites and places to stay en route. We are more than happy to purchase maps/books of campsites in France, but before we do, wondered if anyone has any recommendations and can point us in the right direction?

Any thoughts greatfully received!



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French Campgrounds

If you can get into most Village centres in France you will find a Bureau de Tourisme, with usually English speaking students doing summer jobs who will tell you of any Camping Municipal, (run by the City ) or other available Camping or zero star hotels nearby which are cheap and better than camping in the rain.

Booking ahead only commits you and becomes a source of stress on a bike.

If you'd like any more tips, happy to help.

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Campsites in France

Yes indeed you can do improvisation, but if you want to enjoy some good spots of campsites in France, then go straight to the book "Cool campings" in france, they have very nice addres.
or more xlassical use the Michelin Guide,

All the best,


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Do you speak or read French? The very best maps are the IGN and the Michelin maps. Unfortunately sometimes you want to get both. The Michelin shows the 'green roads' which are supposed to be the most scenic roads in the area and the IGN maps show landmarks and campsites much better than the Michelin ones. We have used the Lonely Planet cycling guide and had great luck with it. Also, again if you read French, the FFCT produces cycle friendly guides to hostels and campgrounds to members.
You can pretty much guarantee that there will be campsites along your route whether or not you have a map handy, which can be a great relief. Also 'guerilla' camping, as long as you don't light fires, is generally tolerated. We have just pulled off into a nice side road and had a great private camp and picnic.

Hope that helps!

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