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Andrew Wolf Incident - It needs to STOP

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Andrew Wolf Incident - It needs to STOP

this is bullshit. I'm sick of it and I'm going to do something. And, trust me, i will do something. I'm going to change the laws in Canada to make it more like murder when a vehicle hits a cyclist and attempted murder when they try to run us off the road.
I just moved to BC and am posting this in the hope that either a large organization or a lawyer will see this post.
I figure the movement needs to start with an organization pushing and I will do this. I will volunteer to push this.

I know this will not be easy but that doesn't stop me or worry me - just because it's hard and will take a long time doesn't mean it shouldn't be done and it needs to start SOMEWHERE. Consider that somewhere here. It needs to be done. If you can help, or you know someone who can, please let me know.

Tara Howse
Rossland, BC

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Tara I understand that this


I understand that this is upsetting to all of us who ride, but I feel we need to communicate with the huge worldwide cycling community that these posts go to in a more positive way.

I am sure if you read your post in the light of a new day you will understand what I mean.

Best Regards


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cycle deaths

There was another dreadful accident in Maryland last week:
Green Party U.S. Senatorial candidate (African-American law student), riding her bicycle, killed by Cadillac Escalade:

>… Police say the driver, Christy R. Littleford, 41, did not stop but continued on to her home about three miles from the scene of the accident, dragging Pettigrew's bicycle beneath her SUV. Police say the driver thought she had hit a deer or a dog so she failed to stop. …

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