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The Amazing Thomas Family From France

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The Amazing Thomas Family From France

We have just hosted a family of 6, absolutely no camping experience or long distance cycling backgrounds; they sold their car to buy their bikes, that should give you a clue, right there! With four children, ages 2, 4, 9 and 11 and their journey is one of reconnecting as a family, appreciating how others live on this planet, we call earth.

Their journey started in France, has taken them through Canada and down into the US. Leaving the US, they will head south to Chile and then proceed north up the South American coast, before retuning home sometime in May of 2010. Wonderful people, a fascinating and amazing undertaking by a very young family. We have learned so much from them in the three days they have stayed with us and it has given our lives new direction and a sense of urgency to fear less and challenge more. is their web address, all in French but it will give you a taste of this very remarkable young family.

Bill and Kathleen