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2 mexican rookies from Rome to Madrid during May, June, July.

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2 mexican rookies from Rome to Madrid during May, June, July.

Hi there,

We are Alex & Mike. 2 mexican brothers starting biketouring across septentrional Italy, Austria, Southern Germany, some Switzerland, Southeast France and Pyrenees.

We've been doing 30-65 kms daily until now, its our first week. We are about to get to Perugia and crossing towards east coast nearby Ancona, then heading North.

We have a website, and constantly uploading stuff and location to our twitter @yslaguzman, or our website

The trip we are doing is planned on 6 euros per day so we are free camping. Any advices are welcome, and people joining us as well, or hosts on the route will be appreciated.

Thanks cyclists.

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hello, im going next week

hello, im going next week from Croatia Zagreb too Italy, then France, Spain and Portugal, my destination is Porto, we can meet together, i planned to drive near coast to Spain, but i can go all the way with you, im going alone, we can meet somwhere in Italy if you want

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About your trip.

Hi Denis,

We are planning to be heading north from Senigallia by the 22th or so. We are open to company as long as you want. Our destinations would be Venezia and after that probably Viena. Everything in the middle would be unaccurate. We are tweeting our location every 2 days or so. Feel free to drop us a message if you feel that our way looks like interesting.

Best tailwinds!

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yep, your way looks

yep, your way looks interesting to me, i planned to go solo, but i prefer company, so when you will be in Venezia ? im starting this week, on friday i think, i need 3 or 4 days to reach Trieste in Italy.

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Our way north

Yep. We will take maybe up to the last week of may. Dates are loose, but we are more or less accurate into this.

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Dear Alex & Mike,

if you pass through North of Italy our house is open! We're in Treviglio city, Bergamo county, 35Km East to Milan,
please advise us 2/3 days before (better week end so I'll can bike with you for some kilometers).

I'm waiting news from you (same to everybody at here)...


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