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Overstay Myanmar - Land Border to Thailand

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Overstay Myanmar - Land Border to Thailand

Hallo. Has anyone any Information about Overstay in Myanmar/Burma and leave on the Land Boarder to Thailand? They say Its possible. But We wanna Know if somebody Made it and payed the 3 Dollar for every day!? Thank You!

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Overland between Myanmar and Thailand.

I Cannot comment on the overstay part. But I have travelled via MaeSot - Myawaddi border (recommended) and the Kanchanaburi - HteeKee Border (Highly not recommended ) to travel overland from Thailand & Myanmar.

The other borders are at Tachilek (last I know the Roads in Myanmar are closed 60 or 100 km from the border) and the one way south (Border crossing is by Boat). I suppose given these conditions, the best option to travel overland, is via MaeSot - Myawaddi. Which is one big day of riding from Moulmein or Hpa An. Its doable, but make sure you start early and be prepared for the Pretty narrow hill roads.

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Thank you, Rajiv, for your border infos.

We are planning to cross the Mae Sot/Myawaddi border. We heard that the road is changing directions every other day. Do you maybe know how to find out, which day it goes which direction or do we only get the info in Mae Sot?

How was your journey through Myanmar? Do you have a blog were you write about your experiences? Would be curious to read them :-)

Have a great day! And wonderful cycling days!

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Hi karina:Here is my blog,

Hi karina:

Here is my blog, (with the posts are ordered in the chronological order, for posts in Myanmar). You could also navigate the posts, by clicking on burma / Myanmar Category from the main page ( )

Myanmar is a pretty awesome country. I personally think cycling in the remote corners is a bit of a tall task, but doable, if you keep some of the experiences in mind (need to get to towns, specifically ones with licensed guest houses).

If you want to ride around, I've heard from other cyclists I know and talked to, that the south, going from Moulmein towards Myeik is pretty fuss free. Also, I've heard first hand report on the route from Bagan-Mandalay-Tuanggi and it's supposed to be very beautiful. I personally enjoyed the route between Mandalay-Muse. The more accessible route out of Yangon and staying in the central plains is fuss free, but I found it to be flat and boring.

As for the changing direction on the Hills out of Myawaddi, I am not sure where you find info (most likely you'll figure it out only at Myawaddi). But you can stay the night in Myawaddi and explore around in case the roads are working in the other direction, that day.

But not to worry, the Burmese people are fantastic and ready to help and I am sure you'd have a good time in the country.

Myanmar is a new country for cycle touring and expect for changing regulations on the roads you can ride in. Keep your schedule flexible. In case you have to take transportation, Buses are better than trains, but you'd have to haggle on the price for carrying the bikes though!

Hope the stories on my blog helps you and glad to answer any q's on routes. Happy cycling and keep the rubber side down!


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Dear Rajiv!

Thanks for your Blog and so much advice (I'll read through it)! Funnily we met Yann and Emi, the Canadian cyclist who are on the way to you :-) As they just exited Myanmar we even have more Blogs to read :-) I'm sure, we'll enjoy our journey through Myanmar :-) I'm very excited about it. But now we still have Malaysia to say Good Bye to and Thailand to discover, before we enter ;-)

Have a great time and Happy Travels when you go on after your break!


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Glad to share the experience

Glad to share the experience Karina. I know how hard it was trying to find any relevant info on cycling in Myanmar and that was my motivation to document my route well. Hope you find it useful!

Cycle touring world is small eh! Am looking forward to Yann and Emilie to pop by here. If you loop back to sh, be sure to send me a note too :-)

Thailand is fantastic to ride in. Good people, good roads and super cheap. I am sure you will enjoy it! I will be following your blog for sure! Will keep me motivated while I work the next few months to save up money :-p

cheers and safe riding!

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This is a basic account of my trip may be of some help I left Myanmar on the 04/02/2014 at Kawthoung

Mae sot stayed in Ban Thai guest house
Left for Myanmar at 6 am
Thai officials may tell you that you cannot ride across bridge and have to arrange transport of bike
Tell them you have a full visa and it is no problem
I arrived at Myanmar side at 7 am the process was easy and they were very helpful just asked where I was going.
I was told I could not ride that day as traffic was flowing from west to was an odd day of the month and I was told in Thailand that I could ride but it seems to have changed so check !!!
I told them I would stay over night and leave the next morning but in fact I just carried on.As it was so early I could not change dollars to kap which later caused a problem as the nearest town to change is Mawlamyine so if you are leaving early try to get some Myanmar currency.The road is quite good up the start of the climb then it starts to get worse quite bad inplaces.I was stopped at the start of the climb by police but they just wanted to make a copy of passport. They were very nice and just said be careful going up and over.The climb is not hard just lots of hairpins and you must concentrate. Going down there are some road works in place and again the road is not great. There are plenty of places to buy water snacks etc on the climb.
The other side of the mountain is flat and the roads are quite good.I was topped again by the police for copy of passport and where was I going.
I decided to go to Mawlamyine,about 13 km past Kyondo on the left is a dirt road that takes you Mawlamyine,it is not bad a bit dusty but save some KM and takes you away from the main road.A long dy about 150 KM.
In Mawlamyine I stayed in Breeze guest house, its ok a bit basic !! $7 the next day I took the boat to Hpa an $9 plus $2 for bike, its quite nice about 3.5 hours. I stayed in Soe Brothers guest house $7.
The next day I went on the organised day trip which seemed good value $5 for all day some entrance fees $3 for cave and $1.5 for boat.
The next day I left for Kyaikto about 120KM but flat and good roads,a bit busy a times with coaches and lorries, as you come into the Kyaikto on the left is a nice guest house but it would not take foreigners so go further on over the roundabout and you will see Happy guest house, this is quite expensive but immediately behind it is another that I stayed in again quite basic but $5
I am in bago the ride was Quite boring and a flat busy road.I am staying at the emperor guest house.You go through the centre of town and cross over the river on the right hand side is Emperor guest house $10 wi fi ,there are some others opposite.Bago is very noisy so if you can find guest house away from the main road it would be a good idea.
The road to Yangon is busy !!! I took a road about 30km past Bago on the left that took me into Yangon from the east it was bit less traffic. I stayed in Yangon for one night with a warm shaower host then took the night bus to Inle Lake $22,it left at about 6.30 pm from the bus station to the NE of the city and arrived about 12 hours later.I allowed one hour to get to the bus station from city centre. I stayed in “remember Inn “ guest house $18 quite expensive but it is very busy here so I guess prices are higher,I think you can find cheaper but arriving early morning I just wanted to book in.It is very clean,big rooms wi fi and breakfast.
I then rode to Pindaya and stayed in a guest house on the north side of the lake $10 good breakfast!!!
Then rode south towards Kyon,before Kyon there is a road heading west which takes you to the road going up to Ywangan.As you come into Ywangan there is a very basic guest house $5 but when I left in the morning as I rode up the hill there is a nicer hotel.
I then had a long day about 150 Km to Myingyan,the first part of the ride climbs to about 1400 M but then all down hill and then quite flat.I stayed in “The great guest house” in Myingyan its on the left in the town centre $18 no breakfast.
Its then only 60 Km to Bagan so if you leave early you have nearly a whole day.I stayed in Eden guest house in Nyaung –U in the town centre $22 including breakfast,I think you can find cheaper as there are a lot of guest houses.I stayed one night then took the bus to Yangon at 8pm $18 plus $5 for bike.It arrived at 5.30 am and I then took a bus at 6.00am to Malamyine $10. You may be able to get a direct bus to Mawlamyine ?Stayed in Breeze guest house then left the the following morning for Setse beach to the west of Thanbyuzayat,I am not sure it is worth the visit guest house on beach $25.
As you leave Thanbyuzayat the road divides left for the main road ,I took the left road which is very quiet and basically follows a railway line, the road is not great in places but ok to ride.You go through some small villages the first being Panga then follow the road south,the road is not shown vey well on the map the last village I went through was Anin,on the left hand side in the village is a small chemist where you can find a young guy that speaks English,he is very helpful as I was asked to produce my visa etc here and he came with me.I then took a road back to the main road,he showed me the way.
I was told there was a guest house in Lamaing next to the railway station.I did not go there as I stayed in a monastery .Just before the village called Mawt Ka Nin on the main road where you turn right for Lamaing is where the monastery is on the left hand side.
The next day I stayed on the main road heading towards Dawei,the road is good in places but mainly bad,I found it quite hard going and did not cover the distance I thought I would.Lots of villages to buy food and drink.I camped in a rubber tree plantation about 97 Km from the monastery on the right hand side of the road.You pass through a small village then you pass it set back on the right hand side.It is a wooden building.
I left early to get to Dawei in good time,the good news is the last 80 Km is tarmac road with the small sections of dirt.I was stopped by the police as leave Mon and you cross over into Thanintharyi province,this is at the top of a small climb and at the bottom is where the tarmac road begins.
I stayed at the Dream Emperor guest house next to the police station in Dawei $10 room with hot water and good wi fi.There are other guest houses around the bonus with this one is a guy Steve stays here,he has been in dawei for 11 months so has a lot of good advice.I stayed for two nights as I found the town quite interesting.
I am heading for Mergui (220 Km)) and plan to stay at the Dolphin guest house a bit expensive $25 but not much choice.Then on to Kawthoung which is where I am told by Steve the route could become difficult as it is still not clear if you can travel by bike.He suggested Penguin guest in Kawthoung.All other accommodation in between Dawei and Kawthoung will probably have to be monasteries .
It took three days to get to Mergui due to being constantly stopped by people to eat and drink with them.I am sure it can be done in two days if needed .I stayed in monasteries, there are loads on the route.The road is a mixture of good and bad but nothing terrible. I was stopped a couple of times by police and had one ride behind me for a while.
I stayed in the dolphin guesthouse $25 very expensive but not a lot of choice,there are monasteries in Mergui if needed. About 28 Km before Mergui you have a river crossing,there are smaller boats that will take you across but I arrived as they were loading the big boat with lorries,I took this one I don’t know how much the crossing should be as they did not charge me.
About 12 Km from Mergui you come to the junction on your left for Kawthoung so if you want you can save yourself some time by not going into Mergui and then having to come back to the junction.
I rode to Tanintharyi about 72Km again the roads are good and bad but not as bad as I had imagined. I stopped there at a guest house $8 very basic !!!!,as you cross the bridge just before the town you take the left turn and follow the road into the town the guest house is on the right.
So far no problems with police.
The road again is good and bad with hilly sections that are quite hard to ride as there is a lot os sand on the road.After a while you will see road distance markers on your left,I am sure they are in miles.The first one I saw was 80,opposite distance marker 100.2 I stayed in a monastery, it is set up on a small hill,I was visited by the police to take details but no problems to stay there.I don’t know the name of the village.
The following day I wanted to ride to Bokpyin about 75 Km.I was followed by a policeman on a motor bike.As I approached Lehnya I was stopped by the immigration police who asked for my permission to travel in this restricted area.I did not have it but after a while it seemed s if they would let me through.Then I was told I must return to Magui and take the boat to Kawthoung,this was because there had been two people killed by a rogue elephant and they were worried about my safety.I m sure if the elephant had not been a problem they would have let me through.
My friend has emailed me giving details of how he acquired permission to travel through this restricted area,it was through an agent these are the contact details.Khin,Baton tours co ltd,
I returned to Megui and took the boat,$40 leaves at about 8.00am
In my opinion this route south is hard riding ,it will test you and definitely test your bike.It is very dusty and suggest you buy a face mask.Finding places to sleep did not seem a problem although I cant say what it is like beyond the point I was stopped but I had been the told it gets slightly more remote then towards Kawthoung the roads improve.

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First thanks Tim for the

First thanks Tim for the detailed informations.

To come back to the first question: It is funny, a friend of mine asked Jan und Karina to post that here and now I can answer it by myself.

I left Myanmar at Kawthoung border with 13 days overstay. It was not a problem at all, the borderpolice were very polite and respectable and I had to pay a fine of 3 Dollar per day.

I heard the same from a cyclist who left at Myawaddi with an overstayed visa.

I also had no problems to stay at guesthouses or during police controls with my overstayed visa.

It is possible to pay the overstay fees at the 4 open landborder crosings with thailand. It is NOT possible at the indian border. So If you have the permit to exit there, make sure you don´t overstay your visa.


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