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I need help please!

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I need help please!

I am trying to get from Cleveland Ohio to Liberty Tennessee leaving mid-September 2013, from there i must navigate to Homestead Florida. I am a practicing vegan and gardener and hospitality man. I am seeking help and direction as to the best route to take. I will be so grateful for all advice and direction to the hospitality I submit to wholly.

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Good luck

Not sure why your going to Liberty, TN. And I can't help you on the trip from Cleveland to TN. But, I have biked around My home in Dunlap, TN. TN highways are not really bike friendly.

You can Goggle map (bicycling) this route. Nashville Hwy to Dry Creek, Short Mt, Half acre, Banks Rd, West Green Rd, Lucky Rd, Yeager Rd into McMinnville. Then up what we called #8 hwy to 111 South to Dunlap. Then 127 over Signal Mt to Chattanooga. Your on your own from there.

If you choose to do the GAP/C&O, USBR#1 route, which I would recommend, I will be doing some of the same next week. And live right off BR #1 near Sailor's Creek SP VA.

Hope your have a great ride.

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I appreciate the advice and will look at the maps. I will be having a great ride and of course enjoying good company which is what leads me threw TN. Also I have ridden threw parts of TN once a few years back and had some bad memories of bad dogs so I really am appreciative of the good advice and will be most likely fallowing the path you've mapped out so thanks a million. by the by that's pretty solid looking gear but I never understood the front part. I prefer all the load on the back light and tight so as to gain milespectfes over comfort. it seems also that in mountain regions the front parcel might both take some of the steering ability and climbing balance away from the rider. My question is have you found this to be the case? Respectfully, Michael BAYRAMIAN

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Front mount and balance

Years ago an old pro at the Northbrook Velodrome near Chicago told me about balancing weight on the wheels to get the best performance. A 60 / 40 back to front is what he swore by. I never got to pro level riding, actually sucked terribly at racing. But tried to use his advice on the road.

Years later I discovered Mt bikes and learned that technical riding was all about weight shift. Controlling weight at each wheel on the fly by lofting and torque control controls impact and using the Bottom Bracket as a pivot for your body mass controls everything.

What I have found for touring is that when everything is on the back it adversely affects handling, makes ground handling the bike more difficult, wears out rear tires faster and increases rolling resistance. On the climbs is where the weight on the front really helps.

As I have lightened my whole load for the touring trips I have lessened the weight on the front. No more need for the front panniers and fork mount water bottles. These days my total weight bike and gear stays under 40 lbs. Water has gone mostly to a 100 oz camelback. At times I carry more weight in food stocks than all the gear combined.

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