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Looking to tour Germany, France and Switzerland. Any suggestions?

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Looking to tour Germany, France and Switzerland. Any suggestions?

Hello All!

My name is Jenny. My husband Ryan and I are looking to do a cycle touring trip here very soon. We are flying into Ramstein Air Base in Germany the second week of September and from there need to figure out where to go. We are looking at possibly taking a euro velo route and camping along the way. Any suggestions on possible routes we could take? We will be there for about 10 days and are looking to do 50-60 mile rides per day. Any suggestions on sights to see? Thanks for your help! :-)

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It would be amazing if our paths collide.

That sounds like a great plan. I am coming to Europe for the first time so unfortunately I dont have any route advice as I am just learning myself. But I am leaving the First week of September where I will arrive in Venice around the 9th and begin biking up to France. It would be amazing if our paths collide.

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hosting in Bourg en bresse


We are a middle couple leaving in a 2 bedroom flat in Bourg ,near the train station, we have a garage for your bike and can provide accommodation if you happen to go through this small town , north of Lyon.
best of luck for your cycling.

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I would love to stop by

Thank you for such a quick reply. I absolutely would love to stop by once I cross the alps from Italy. I will stay in contact with you to coordinate. I am going to try to figure how long it will take me once I arrive in Venice which is around the 7th of September I will begin traveling west. Thank I appreciate your reply. And I will be in touch.

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I'm happy to see your post. I'm considering doing the same next year. Please once you've been there and done that drop me a note explaining how it worked out.



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Thank you for the encouragement

I appreciate your interest and kind words and yes I will certainly let you know how my journey goes :)

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just a tip: if u wish, there

just a tip:
if u wish, there is a very cheap train ticket u can share in germany to take regional trains anywhere therwe for a day - so u can hop over to anywhere u want is their website,
ticket = schoeneswochenendes at weekend, or a similar one in week .

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You guys are great.

I love this site and people like you are great. Thank you for such useful info. I really do appreciate it.

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You could head east and

You could head east and follow the Elbe (Elbradweg) down to Prague. (Or just head east to Prague) Then via the Czech Greenway south into Austria: (map 2)
Hook up with Eurovelo 6 and follow this as far into France as you want to go:

Biked Copenhagen-Berlin-along the Elbe and down south to Austria myself in 2010, but we then went east along EV6 to Budapest. Beautiful trip but floods can potentially spoil a trip along a river as we found out this year. Wanted to go Berlin-Hamburg along the Elbe but all the paths were flooded.

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Time of year?

This sounds like the tye of trip we are looking for in 2014. We will be starting from Koln. We will be traveling beginning September 10th, so are wondering how chilly it will be and if we should be heading south. What time of year did you do this?

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Cycling Germany

Hello Jenny and Ryan,

cycling is wonderful way to travel. The weather is still fine in Germany, so come over and start riding.

There is the Barbarossa Radweg wich would bring you from Ramstein to Worms (translation problem, nothing creepy about it, nice town, nice people) were it connects with the Rhein Radweg.

You could also cycle from Ramstein to Bockenheim and from there along the Weinstrasse Radweg to Weisenbourg (already Alsace) and from there to the Rhein. The Area is beautyful, well known for its wine and probably not in the guide books.

Do you intend to cycle along the Rhine to Switzerland?

Enjoy your trip and of course you are welcome to stay with us.


Barbarossa Radweg

Weinstrasse Radweg

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Dear Jenny and Ryan, I'm

Dear Jenny and Ryan,

I'm Oriol, from Barcelona.

In August'10 and August'11 I were cycling across Swiss Alps in a very demmanding route, 16 stages. I'll absolutely recommend you that route! It was absolutely beautiful. It crosses Swiss Alps from West to East, it's Alpine Bike route number 1.

The link you can consult is:

If you want to check other posibilities in Switzerland, here you have an interactive map:

I hope you enjoy your trip!!!

Best regards,

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Touring Europe by bike

You guys sound like you are doing a dream trip. I have toured Cape Breton Island, but have dreams constantly of doing bigger. When you finish please post some practical logistics of your trip... If you don't mind. How far in advance you arranged lodging, lowest air temp at night if you camped, total cost of the trip, how we'll your phone worked, where you stayed, WARMSHOWERS, hostels, hotels, camping.

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We are planning the same tour for NEXT Set (2014). I would live to know what you learn.

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Central Suisse such as Lucern, Interlaken ... just gorgeous... but beware the weather... sometime it rains for weeks ...

ITALY. go to Swiss ITALY such as Lugano, then ITALY. COMO, VERBANIA, BELLAGIO, all this region are just great ... but a bit dangerous for cyclistes we must say because italien drive a bit ... and roads for vélo are not as nice as those in north of europe.

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