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Accomodation and dangerous animals in Senegal and Gambia

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Accomodation and dangerous animals in Senegal and Gambia

Dear Friends,
would you happen to have information about accomodation options for a girl touring alone through those countries? Much as I am dazzled by the fabulous diversity of its fauna, I would still like this fauna, especially cobras and the like, to keep out of my tent. Hence my question: is camping really recommended there?
Thanks in advance for any tips!

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hi aga well. i would not be

hi aga

well. i would not be much affraid of cobras... i have only seen one black in sierra leone.
senegal gambia has not much wild animal left execpt monkey wild pigs and mosquitoes (dengue and malaria)

once out of town (big) you will not find any hotels. so you have 2 options to camp in the wild or in village after asking permission from the chef of village. you may need the instituteur first for the translation. i opt for the second option most of the time

do you know your route? i might have done it before as i lived in dkr for 9 years and did some cycling in the region

what matter more is your water as you find it only in some village and not always of trinking standard we are use to. the tyre as the northen part is very sandy and lots of accacia trees with big torn
south would be more tent and bags water very proof !! as the rainy last until october, mosquitoes and ( taons huge flies that bite even horse skin) repellant

i wait to read a bit more and see what tips might be usefull

cheers. sacha

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hi, we travelld last year

we travelld last year threw senegal and gambia, coming from the north. there is a warmshower in dakar, really friendly. about animals no problems we saw some monkeys in the niokolo national park thats it. there are campings specially on the coast. but if you travel inland there is really less slleping options. so we just ask in the villages for a place for our tent. normally it was no problem, just you are like an animal in the zoo. many children around. for some more infos just write....
good trip catatao

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Thanks for all the tips!

Thanks a million for all the tips! They are priceless!

Sacha, I am travelling in December, so the rain period should be over by then, right? As for the route, I haven't planned it yet, maybe you have some recommendations? I should receive maps shortly.
I found it really difficult to get any maps though, the best I could order is this one:
do you think that once in the country I will be able to buy something better? I also bought a guide to Wolof, but I hope I will be able to communicate in French..

Guys, thanks a lot for the tips about the accomodation, I will definitely go for camping in villages! I can imagine that it would be a way to participate a bit in a live of the locals-interesting!
Could you maybe tell me shortly, if:
- all the hygiene restrictions one can read about are necessary (bottled or boiled water, special rules about picking your food, vaccinations, etc). I plan to take with me purification pills for water, I hope that's good enough?
-if one should really avoid certain regions, like the region of Casamanca?
-how much of a wild are we talking about once out of Dakar, is there internet, phone access somewhere on the way? Any chance of having the bike fixed, if need be? If not, I should maybe carry some extra spare parts with me?
-what about Gambia? Any tips?
I just received today the lonely planet guide, so I'm off to read!

Looking forward to your answers,

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yes december is off the rainy

yes december is off the rainy season every there so younwatneven need a tent but a mosquitoes done... except you will have not much privacy... but having a view on the milky way is astonishing

the map you bought is probably fine never saw it. you will found some other one in dakar ( quatre vent book store) BUT none ofnthem are acurate except for the main road wich you will like to avoid so when on sand tracks or small ways a gps is probably great you can buy a phone chip with internet of course not every where in senegal but might be usefull

i can ofncorse give some tips and share my experience so you can skype on sachasse... i m currently in bangkok so the time is gmt +5

in any case you will enjoy it i hope


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Thanks a lot Sacha, I will

Thanks a lot Sacha, I will try to Skype, but first I want to finish my reading, so I know what questions to pose.

About the main road, this is exactly one of the routes the Lonely Planet recommends. From Saint Louis to Makhana, Podor, Matam, Kidira, then to Tambacounda with an alternative visit to the Bassari coutry, and then back to Dakar. This of course means skipping Gambia, which I would hate to do, but otherwise, would you say is ok?

I promise to stick out my head from the tent to appreciate the Milky Way!
Thanks again for the tips and enjoy Bangkok!

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