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Hi Everybody!!
I'm going to bike trough Indonesia during August with a couple of friends. We have just bought the ticket and we can't wait to start our ride!, We are now planning which is the route that more or less we are going to follow. I'm looking for some good tip and recommendation about Indonesia from a bike point of view....which are the best part to be visited and the road with the best sceneries? If you have already been there, how did you find free camping?
thanks a lot for the help
ciao from italy!

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Indonesia Cycle Tour


How are you? Getting excited about your trip?

I have just finished cycling around New Zealand with a hilarious Italian girl I met on the way. Good times. Beautful journey! Free camping and living the dream!

I am now toying with the idea of popping my bike on a plane and heading to Indonesia... I was originally planning on joining a group who went over in January / Feb (rainy season...!) can follow their journey on crazyguyonabike BikerK

Did you get any good tips on where to go? I know the BikerK group were going all on the main highways, thnk they found it pretty busy but they all survived!!

:) Katie

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So Katie, if your plan was to

So Katie, if your plan was to visit Indonesia, come with us!
It's me, Edo and Laura. We will be in Jakarta August 3rd.


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Fabio! Hi! I have got a bike

Fabio! Hi!

I have got a bike and a flight to KL (I just finished cycling in NZ).. and very tempted!!

Have you got any plans for routes or just see what happens?


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PS do you think you will go

PS do you think you will go through Bali? Perhaps I can meet you there?!!!

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Indonesia ideas ...

Hi Edo,

Where are you flying into in Indonesia, and how much time do you have ?

I have spent a significant amount of time biking in Indonesia (Bali / Lombok, Java).

Indonesia is a huge country, and travel is slow, so depending on your point of entry, and amount of time, you will have various options.

We came from bike touring in NZ / Australia, then on to Indonesia. Once we arrived in Indonesia, it became totally obvious to ship back our tent/sleeping bag/campstove/...

Plus saved a ton of weight. Needed energy to muster through the hot biking weather.

See my notes below.

Thx, Martin

- Camping: virtually non-existent. Being a hot & humid country, and with food and lodging being very inexpensive, you will want to lodge it every night. Any camping possibilities are very limited and usually not well maintained ... and not near where you want to be.

- Learn the basics of their national language Bahasa Indonesia. Rated as one of the worlds easiest languages to learn. It will open doors like you won't believe ... and possibility of "free" homestays from welcoming Indonesians.

- Maps. When we went, had very little mapping resources. But now with smartphones, and offline mapping, that may help tremendously in finding quiet roads that are off the main roads.

- Roads: You always want to hunt for the quiet roads... hence importance of above "Maps". Main roads are choked with traffic, fumes and noise. Interesting ... but only for a few km ...

- Java. Had reasonable biking around Yogyajakarta in Eastern Indonesia. Some routes that take you to the coast. Any rides towards the mountains are very steep ... and hot. Loved cycling around the city ... but busy.
Some have journeyed eastward from here on to island of Bali.

- Bali. Stay away from the south of Bali (Kuta). Ubud is a good starting base. Lots of good side routes around Ubud, both on and off-road. Getting busier every day in these areas.
We enjoyed some of the highland areas in central Bali (Danau Buyan)
From here, down the mountains to Lovina, then eastward to Tulamben and beautiful Tirtiggana. From here, I would go onwards to Padangbai, to catch to slow ferry to Lombok.

- Lombok. Quieter island. Work your way from the ferry northward, keeping to small roads. Some crazy up/down roads (and monkeys) on the way to the Gili Islands. Lastly, highly recommend continuing northward to Batu Koq (Mount Rinjani area)

Thats it for now. Jealous of your journey !

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