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Southern Tier

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Southern Tier

Does anyone have any experience on the Adventure Cycling Southern Tier route? I've heard some mixed things.
I'd love to hear about your experiences on it. I'm thinking of traveling East to West after Climate Ride in September.

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Southern Tier?

Hello, Obinja,

I live in Baton Rouge, a few miles south of the Southern Tier. I've hosted a number of folks riding the Southern Tier.

Is there anything in particular you'd like answered, particularly for the section through Louisiana?


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Southern tier

Thanks for your response. I guess I'm wondering about traffic. I've ridden in the US and Europe. And although the European cities are often equally as congested, drivers seem to be a little more relaxed about cyclists. What's it like cycling down there?

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It depends . . .

My experience says . . . it's better than some places and worse than others.

The Southern Tier (ST) follows, for the most part, roads that are relatively light on traffic and may have a good shoulder. This isn't always true but it is for the most part.

In doing so, the ST also tends to meander a bit. In Louisiana there is a very good reason for some of that wandering line - the Atchafalaya Basin also know as a very big swamp.

I think the only part of the ST that I've seen a great deal of comment on is the part from Austin west. Some people find a route to drop to Del Rio more directly.

As for the drivers, that, too, varies. As with all human interactions, for the most part, the drivers will leave you alone. Some will go out of their way to give you plenty of room, others won't but I'd never recommend a rider rely on the kindness of drivers anywhere in the world.

I don't know if this is helpful but it has the virtue of being honest. ;-)

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Ferry Boat delays

the ferry from dauphin island can be put off schedule by weather

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