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road maps for cyclists of Cambodia

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road maps for cyclists of Cambodia

Hi there.
I will cycle around Cambodia next November and I was wondering if there is such a thing as a useful road map for cyclists of Cambodia. If yes, which one, and where can I get it?

Thanks for your help.


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Cycling in Cambodia


You have to take the greatest care when you cycle there, the traffic is very dangerous. I saw many live accidents when I cycled there myself and was hit by a motorcycle in Phnom Penh (fault of the motorcyclist) and will never cycle there again.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Hi I had my first cycling

I had my first cycling touring experience in Cambodia back in 2007 and loved it.
I found a map in country, but a word of caution to treat Cambodian maps as a rough guide as they are not all very accurate. Mine showed a road going over the Cardomon mountains. i followed the road till it hit the forest and turned into a rough foot track with a stream running down it, turned out the road didn't exist at all.
take care of the traffic and enjoy the food, the deep fried bananas are great cycling food.
good luck

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Hey Reise Know How/maps Cambodja, Laos

If you stay long enough in Phnom Phenh you gonna love this city, just take the time to learn the know the unwritten trafficrules and it is fun...

you can also see my trip in Cambodja

have a nice trip


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The Rough Guide SE Asia map

The Rough Guide Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos map is excellent for touring around all of SE Asia. Big, clear, accurate and amazingly WATERPROOF!

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