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Atlantic Coast Maine to Key WEst - route info please?

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Atlantic Coast Maine to Key WEst - route info please?

We are planning a tour from Maine to Key West on our tandem this summer. We have done several 10 day to 2 week tours in the past, but nothing this extensive. We have several questions - the biggest is about the route. We have Adventure Cycling maps. However, they go quite a bit inland in many places, and we would like to stay as close to the shore as possible for as much of the trip as possible. Has anyone used the East Coast Greenway or Google Maps Bike Route?

Also for any tandem riders, we have always used regular front panniers, but are considering low riders for this trip - what has your experience been?

Thanks and happy riding!

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PA to key west

....leaving early april, solo...using adventure cyclist maps, road maps, greenway maps...i do not have paper greenway maps but am able to pull some of them up on the internet, looks like they may overlap at some points, with AC maps......will also use knowledge and direction from local folks, along with common sense combined with instinct and intuition, all the way to key west...will probably stick to the coast taking the outer banks route around sufolk...will probably be ahead of you by a few weeks if your not starting until summer...will be glad to keep you in the loop as to my route and such...

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Maine to Key West

Thanks Michael! Based on our previous tours we will also use a combo of maps and common sense.. We did an 8 day tour about 8 years ago from Charleston up through the outer banks following Adventure Cycling Maps. Outer Bans were great. This time we will stick to the coast. If you have read any of the blogs of people who have followed AC maps, you know the shoulders on those roads in SC are not good and the people not friendly. Hoping being by the coast will be better.

Stay in touch through warmshowers and let us know anything you learn that will be helpful.
Travel safe

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East Coast

''we would like to stay as close to the shore as possible for as much of the trip as possible''

Have you looked at a map of the east coast. I have and it sure goes out, back, up, down,etc
to really follow it you need time for dead ends, out and backs and a lot of very good maps
I think it can be done but you need to allow for long days and short ride
the west coast is better but it even goes inland alot
Have a great ride
Charles in the Bay Area (west coast)

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A GPS solution

I'll be doing Montreal/Bar Harbor/Key West starting in September and also want to maximize ocean-side riding. I want to have turn-by-turn instructions from my GPS and the best way I've figured to do it is to create my route with GarminConnect (which is way better than Google Maps because you can save and edit your route (can't believe we still can't edit routes in GM)).

Once that's done, I'll upload the route in the GPS and then just follow the turn-by-turn instructions. No maps, no worries. Lots of prep in creating the route in GarminConnect, but after that I'm good. On the way, I'll use my GPS or GM on my phone to find accommodations or whatever else I need.

Have a nice trip.

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Re: East Coast Trip

I did a trip last year that included the coastal section from Boston to New York City. You can read about it here - My journal includes maps so you can see the route we took.

Riding along the coast like I did avoids the very hilly sections of the Adventure Cycle route through Connecticut. Of course, the route I took will take you through the heart of New York City, but the city is very bike friendly. We followed the East Coast Greenway most of the time. There is only 1 short section of about a couple of miles of my route that I would consider difficult (the section along New York Avenue). Once in the city there is an Adventure Cycle spur route which will take you back out to the west or you can take the NY Bike Route 9 North to Poughkeepsie and pick up the route there. If you plan your stopping points to the east and west of the city you can pass right though in one day of riding.

You can get a free map from Rhode Island ("Cycling the Ocean State") and New York ("New York City Cycling Map" and Cycle Map of Long Island). The Greenway south of Providence RI was paved and was really nice riding. I would not hesitate to ride the entire route again.

Contact me if you want more details.

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One thing I forgot to mention

The bridges around Newport, Rhode Island DO NOT ALLOW bikes. If you plan to pass through that area you will need to find someone to take you across the bridges.

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Atlantic coast Maine to Key West

Thank you - this is very helpful.I will look at your blog. I have a friend in Newport and family in Providence, so we should be able to handle the RI situation. Thanks for that info

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