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Florida to Sherbrooke Quebec

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Florida to Sherbrooke Quebec

I want to ride the East coast of USA from Port Charlotte Florida to Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Start date will be around the 15 Apr.
I am interested about your experience, best scenic touring routes to use (away from heavy traffics), bicycle events along the way, recommended maps and Gps, areas to avoid and places not to be missed, any other recommendations regarding equipments would be greatly appreciate.
In the meantime, since I haven't had much time to ride during the last few months, I will try to put as much millage as possible and get familiar with riding a trike, I will also try to built some sort of a (on the road routine) while discovering Florida's. Any recommendations for Florida?
I want to wish everyone a great and safe riding season,
Thanks a lot.
(les informations et conseils en francais sont aussi bienvenue)

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Florida to Maine

Hey Jimmy: The trip sounds great. Do you have a blog we can follow? I am arriving in your part of Florida from Iowa just after you are leaving.
I'm taking the Fort Meyers ferry to Key West where I can begin my own ride up the Atlantic coast to Maine. I only do about 40 miles per day to enjoy the side shows so I doubt if I will catch up to you.
Good luck and keep us updated.
Jack Day
[email protected]

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Florida to Sherbrooke, QC

Hi Jack, yes it should be an interesting trip. I don't have a blog or anything like that at the moment. I am spending most of my time at getting used to riding the new trike, figuring out how to load my equipment, what kind of stuff I will need etc...
Have you ever tried the adventure cycling maps? I was thinking to maybe get the east coast and the Florida connector to start with, I will probably do a warm up ride at the beginning of march from here to Ft Myers, ferry to Key west, and up the coast to ste Augustine and back to Port Charlotte to host a couple of German riders at the end of March beginning of April. My departure should be anytime after the 7th of Apr. To make it to Quebec for early June
We'll stay in touch.

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Adventure Cycling maps

I have a set of the Atlantic Coast. I will follow them sometimes but the point A to Point B of my host's locations are more important. That's what I am working on right now.
So where do you stay for overnights like in Key West? I'm having trouble finding a host there. Camping or motels?

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Key West

I haven't had time to work on that part of the trip right now. I want to get the map and see what's on it and go from there. You're gone be riding on the Florida west coast to get to Fort Myers, if your planning to be around between the 7th and 15th Apr., give me a shout, I'll be in the final preparations for my ride and will have a spare bedroom available after the 7th.

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Hey Jimmy:
I'll keep track of you to see if we can meet up when I get to Florida. My time of arrival is dependent on the weather up north where I begin. I don't do well on ice.

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Hello, i'm french and i'm

Hello, i'm french and i'm going to travel for 6 month with my bike.
3 month in Usa (east cost and West cost)
and 3 month in Australia and New zealand.
I will begin my travel the 1 April.

You can find my itinerary here :

You can also find some informations about the East coast greenway here :

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East Coast of USA

Dear Bastien:

Your itinerary is amazing. And thank you for the Greenway maps. I've never seen them before. I only looked at the Florida map so far but it is my exact route. I should be leaving Key West, Florida in the first week of May.

I hope you keep your blog updated. I will learn many things from you and other riders as we make our way up the coastline. Do you have a Facebook page for photos and things? We should link that way to make it easy.

Plan well and adapt when you must.


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Bastien: The most important


The most important thing to see in Maine is Arcadia National Park. It is not on your route. Don't miss that.

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Hello, my ride stops at

my ride stops at washington, i do not go in maine.
My google map is not exact, it's just an idea, i will decide step by step (state by state).

In your opinion what is the better solution to sleep ? Warmshower, private campground or state park campground ?


(My english level is not good, but i work for grow up it)

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Your English is fine. Don't worry about it.

Organize your tour with as many hosts as possible. Fill out your profile as much as possible. Start contacting them now. People are the most important part of your ride. If you want to meet Americans of high quality, people who would open up their homes to a stranger are the best.

Also join
Couchsurfers -
Tripping -

Private Campgounds are expensive. I have been asked to pay the same as a big bus. I have contacted some before arriving and I tell them who I am and what I am doing. I say to them that they are too expensive for my situation and ask how much for only a shower. Many times they offer a cheap price to get you to stay.

State Park campgrounds are always good. They always have showers. If they are full, ride around and look for other bicyclists or a lone camper. Ask if they will share and offer to pay for half of the site.

Go to this page for other tips that I have written down.


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I just saw the map of your ride in France and Switzerland. I am very envious.

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yes it was a good trip but

yes it was a good trip but honestly too hard, 170km per day on average (230km one day...).
Switzerland is a realy good destination.

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That's too much. I cycle for fun and stop often when I see interesting things. ...I watch the Tour de France every year and it is so beautiful.

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Cote est americaine

Bonjour, est ce qu'on vous appelle Bastien ou Laurent?
Vous arriverez a quel date a Miami?
Je dirais comme Jack pour les accomodations, warmshower a une bonne selection d'hosts, et state park camping sont a bons prix.
Votre anglais est quand meme bien.
On reste en contact

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Bonjour, mon prénom est

mon prénom est bastien.
J'arrive a Miami le 1avril, je vais y rester 1 jour ou 2, le temps de compléter mon materiel, prendre un abonnement de téléphone et consulter les guides touristiques.

Je pense aussi que Warmshower est une très bonne solution mais ce n'est pas facil de prendre contact avec des nouvelles personnes pendant le voyage et je ne sais pas ou se serai chaque jour a l'avance.

Tu es francophone Jimmy ?

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USA east coast

Bonjour Bastien, oui je suis francophone du Quebec, j'habite la Floride (Port Charlotte) pendant l'hiver et habituellement je retourne en Alberta au nord d'Edmonton durant les mois d'ete. Je voyage en Europe une a deux fois par annee, j'etais justement a Amsterdam cet automne pour y faire du velo ensuite vers la rep. Tcheh. pour finir en Allemagne tout pres de l'Alsace. Si jamais tu es dans le coin apres le 7 Avril n'hesite pas a me contacter, j'ai des amis Allemands qui seront ici jusqu'au 6 et le 7 je dois conduire mon epouse a l'aeroport, mais n'importe quand apres ca, il y aura de la place, j'ai regarder ton itineraire qui differre un peu de la mienne au depart, car je ne vais pas dans le nord ouest de la Floride, je m'en vais plutot vers St Augustine pour remonter sur la cote Est, je me donne environ 7-8 semaines pour me rendre a destination.
Oui warmshowers me semble etre le meilleur endroit pour les voyageurs a velo
On reste en contact

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J'aimerai découvrir le Quebec

J'aimerai découvrir le Quebec et le canada (colombie britanique) en hiver pour voir les quantités de neige mais aussi en été pour les grands espaces.
Je pense que je serai dans les alentours de Forts myers un peu avant le 10 avril donc si tu es disponible ça serait parfait !

On se recroisera peu être plus tard sur la route, je dois être a Washington mi mai.

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Your ride


Look at Bastien's info on Greenway maps. They will be really helpful. Facebook page? Where will you be uploading photos and data?

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Your ride to Quebec

Jimmy I can offer you detailed route information from Western Massachusetts all the way to Sherbrooke as I have made this ride many times. I can show you the safest and most scenic routes along farm roads and bike paths all the way to teh Canadian border. Once you're in Canada you only have to ride the roads for about 40k and the rest is on bike path. I live in North Adams, MA in the far northwest corner near the border of New York and Vermont. If you decide to come through my area you are welcome to stay and perhaps I'll share the road with you for a few days.


P.S. You can see some photos of one my trips north on my TravBuddy profile at

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