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Turkey's Black Sea coast in winter?

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Turkey's Black Sea coast in winter?

Dear all,

In the 2nd half of 2012 I cycled from Scotland to Istanbul. Now it's winter and I'm still in Istanbul. My original plan was to carry on cycling east, into Iran. But I know now that the Anatolian plateau is impassable in winter. So I'm looking into a possible Black Sea coast route, into Georgia and then Armenia or Azerbaijan, and finally Iran (cycling along the southern side of Turkey is ruled out because of safety concerns).

What do you guys think? I know it will be cold and rainy. I also know that much of that road, the D010, is now a 4-lane highway so not the most picturesque road by any means. But still... do you think it is possible to cycle this route, and would it be enjoyable at least some of the time? Thanks!

My blog, with all the info about my trip (Spanish only):

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Turkey, Georgia and so on

if the Anatolian Plateau has snow it will be much more in Georgia. Don`t go that way. Georgia and Armenia are at least the same mountainous as Anatolia.

Think the best way to go is the Black Sea and then into Anatolia to Iran.
What for safety concerns at the southside of Turkey? Syria? This part you can take a little distance to the border.

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Hi, last year I cycled that

Hi, last year I cycled that route. Blacksea cost is mostly rainy but the temperature is higher than Anatolia. This road is very nice and less traffic so it is safety. From Istanbul to nearly Samsun there is so much up and down so it is difficult. After Samsun the road is flat and wide so you can cycle easly. In Georgia after Poti you will go up and I think there must be snow. After Hopa my route was Artvin, Ardahan, Posof, Georgia but I dont prefere this route in winter.
If you wish you can see the route from my blog. There lot of pictures. Unfortunately it is Turkish.

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Anatolia Plateau Turkey

I am planning a trip from Istanbul to Bishkek then the KKH to India. I want to leave Istanbul as early as possible so I have lots of time for side trips! I wonder what the temparature would be on the Anatolia Plateau by the end of March? Any one has an idea if a March start from Istanbul is too early? I am ok with 10C temperature but would rather avoid riding in snow! (been there done that!)

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Hi Celine, At the west of

Hi Celine,
At the west of Turkey the temparature will be more than 10C but at the east especially at night it will be cold from Erzurum to Dogubeyazit Gurbulak and may be few snow. Bu I think you can pass this route easly.

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i think no need to avoid to

i think no need to avoid to take southeastern part of turkey. there used to be some incidents but not nothing for a year because there is a political agreement nowadays about it. but it is cold and snowy anyway if you want to go to iran a this time of the year.

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