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Tour de France

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Tour de France

Hello all,

I'm going to ride around France this summer. I'll take my bike from Taiwan, and plan to sell it at the end. Just wonder is it easy to sell second hand bike in Paris. How about the price of an half-year-old Giant bike? I may take a hybrid bike or Giant Iguana.

hope to see many hosts in France and welcome all who want to ride with me.

From Taiwan

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Hope you will injoy your Trip :)

Hi DoddLu..I live in Denmark, and here we can go to our bike shop, where there repair peoples bikes. There normaly buy bikes from people, Have it is in France I dont no,But give it a try.Best regrats :) Suunto

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Sell a bike in France.

Hi Doddlu,

I don't think that it will be easy to sell your bike in France to a bike shop. It is not usual for them to buy an old bike without selling a new one in exchange. You can try by announcing in a newspaper, but it will take a lot of time.
If you are coming on the Atlantic coast not far from Bordeaux, our house is yours.

Best regards

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Bonjour Mimeau,

Thanks for the advice. Seems your place is close to La Rochelle. I read it in my French text book. Is it a very famous place for vacation? Maybe I should put your place in route or I won't find any place to stay in La Rochelle.

I am not worried about my bike now. I get a 35 KG luggage allowence. If I cann't sell it, i'll bring it back.

Thanks again

(and thanks suunto)

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Le marche de les puces

Hello there!

Maybe you can try to sell your bicycle in "the fleas market" (Le marche de les puces) that is in Paris near metro station GARE DU NORD. Just go there and ask... everyone knows about it. I got myself a bicycle there a few months ago when I started my trip around Europe :).

Good luck!


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