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Pokhara and west

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Pokhara and west

Finished Thailand Laos now in Pokhara Nepal
If you need camping or trekking gear this is the place tons of it dirt cheap
not much in way of bike shops, tiny Trek dealer, Bigger Giant dealer
no 700c tires here Kathmandu maybe better to sort a bike
prices for bikes seem same as Thailand example Giant Rincon about 385 USD
Planning to cycle out early March to Dharamsala, then as weather warms head into Ladakh Kashmir
big tribal fests in July and Sept there
then after ???

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me too

hi did this ride down the mekong two winters back so am feeling envious of you being in LP for Xmas. Lovely place. I missed out on meeting that cyclist in CK.
One tip from me is that the road from Viang Viene to Viantiene is pretty crap with very few places to eat or refresh yourself. i tried to make it a pleasant few days but in retrospect I would ride straight through in one day and get it over with!. The ride from LP to VV was interesting in the lack of guesthouses. LP to PP very lumpy (understatement). I found one in PP afterwhich it was downhill all the way to VV.
Im sure you know all this anyway but if I can be of any help let me know.
Am off to Cuba myself this winter...
Happy travels

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thanks cindy and update

Yea I don't look forward really to that ride and may go down hiway 1 and 4 along Mekong and then east to Ventiane
still plan on BKK to India March, then to Ladakh a few months and into Nepal before monsoon, then south to Karela, Sri Lanka for monsoon, then maybe back north to Assam, Darjeeling and fly to BKK-then vietnam up to china and mongolia and who knows

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Hi James Yeiser, I would like to interest join coming March Ladakh trip let me know your opinion. This is my first trip. :)

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1st trip no problem

just cycle at the speed u can and build up strength later
plan Dharamsala then up to Ladakh in June actuall as too cold until then
big Ladakh tribal fest early July and Sept too
Nepal is ok to start riding in not as easy as Thailand or Laos but less dangerous than India
where are u from, how much time u have, bike ?? buy here ? panniers?

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