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Southern Tier Route in US from FL to Texas

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Southern Tier Route in US from FL to Texas

Hi guys,

Finally my dream is getting true :) I am cycling the Southern Tier Route (westbound). Hoping to cross the Mexico border before January and continue cycling Central and South America. I have started cycling from Oviedo, FL on 14th of October. Currently I am in Alachua, FL 10 miles north of Gainesville, FL. Unfortunately i have numbness in my left hand especially i do not feel my pinky finger.

I am sooo thankful to the ladies whom i met in one of the campgrounds, they let me stay in their house for couple of days. Tomorrow i will go to Bikes and More in Gainesville for free fitting and get a pair of more padded gloves and hopefully continue cycling.

Camping alone and cycling alone is a little bit boring (and scary with the black bears) i would love to have a company. I have not tried stealth camping and paying for campgrounds also made a big hole in my limited budget.

my cell phone is (1) 347.619.45.99 and my e-mail is nuzerel(at)gmail(dot)com
i will be really happy if you host me on the way.

love & peace


p.s. i am a solo female cyclist from istanbul/turkey and this is my first long distance ride :) i have had week long rides in my country. if you host me i can cook some delicious dishes from turkish cuisine.

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places to stay along your tour

If we're on your route you are welcome to stay with us in Orange Beach, AL. If you are looking for a place to stay in Pensacola, FL we recommend our friend T Alan Gessner, also a member of warmshowers. call us at 251 348 5202 with any ques.

Oh yea, Alan is departing on a westbound tour Nov. 1 and maybe interested in riding along w/you for a few miles.

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solo female tourer?!

I can't offer any help (unfortunately) but I'm also planning to do this route, this coming January, and I've been looking for a fellow solo female tourer to talk to! I'd love to hear about how your tour is going and to just generally grill you about everything.

Please let me know if you're ok with that!


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hello :)

i am a newbie but i would love to share my experience :) up to now my tour is really good and i met wonderful people:)

just e-mail me what you want to know

peace & love


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Southern Tier in January

I am not a female solo tourist but a male solo tourist hoping to do the Southern Tier route starting in January or February. I am from Philadelphia, so I'm not familiar with the expected winter weather down south. I'm planning on bringing multiple warm and waterproof layers, and a 20 F degree-rated sleeping bag for camping out at night. Do you know what the winter temperatures are along the Southern Tier route during the winter? Are the nights too cold to sleep outside in a tent?

Thanks and good luck planning your tour!

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Southern tier winter weather

Hey, Spencer,

You can expect (as much as anyone can "expect" weather to behave a certain way) to see most of the weather coming out of the northwest during the winter. It looks like the weather pattern is similar to that of a few years ago with strong lows running west to east near the Canadian border. If that holds you can expect alternating waves of a couple of days of strong winds out of the northwest and north followed by a couple of days of cold without much wind. What wind there is will begin to shift back to the southeast and south until the next cold front comes through.

We usually have a rain line precede the cold front. Sometimes that means scattered showers and sometimes it means a rolling line of thunderstorms with high wind and heavy rain. All that depends on the strength of the cold front and how long warm moist air has been blowing up from the Gulf.

In Louisiana we're having a period of cool (60s highs, 30s-40s lows) weather with a slight rise in temps for the coming week.

We rarely drop into the 20s and then usually for only one night.

Further west, as the elevation increases, things can get very cold indeed. In the high plains the wind can be daunting. Snow is common in west Texas and New Mexico, as I remember.

If you are so inclined you can go to, search for a city along your route, and go to the archives for that city. It's fairly easy to use and has a lot of weather information.

Of course, reading about the weather isn't BEING in the weather. '-)

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Reply to Mark E Martin

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the informative update on expected weather! I've been bundling up for commutes to Philadelphia in the 30's and 40's, but of course extensive riding in that temperature range requires steadfast determination. I'll have to invest in some booties to go along with my long underwear, rain pants, thermal top, shell, and gloves.

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thanks Mark for the detailed

thanks Mark for the detailed reply.

i have been cycling the southern tier since october 14th and have never had a real weather challange. maybe i will have some problems from lousiana to texas i really dont know.

good luck on planning Spencer!


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Stay with me in Texas! Huntsville! Also if there are other people at the campgrounds just ask or tell them you are camping with them and then don't pay.

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hey jennie,

thanks a lot as soon as i figure out the route for texas and get closer i will let you know. i never tried your suggestion because generally there are only rv or trailer people camping around not many tent campers :(

thanks for the invitation once again


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im touring lousiana threw california if you are looking for a riding partner
im a 24 year old female with 2 dogs

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hey elizabeth, how is your

hey elizabeth,

how is your tour? yesterday i managed to get to new orleans probably you are on the way going to california. wish you a great trip

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from NOLA to TX what is the best route to take??

dear friends,

today i have checked my milage, 700 miles approximately i have cycled from FL to NOLA. I have found a place to stay 2-3 nights. I would appreciate if anyone accepts me as a guest, there are lots of places to see here :)

i am way to far from the southern tier route. i need some tips and info about the road condition. please help i can return back to souther tier route or just follow hwy 90 or hwy 190 or river road ??

thanks a million


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NOLA to Baton Rouge and the Southern Tier

Hello, elif,

Take a look at

for descriptions of routes between NOLA and Baton Rouge (BRLA). Included in that description is the LA Swift bus - $5.00 one-way and you may put your bicycle and gear in a cargo bay on the bus.

You may want to look at the Louisiana Department Of Transportation and Development's southern route out of New Orleans to Lake Charles. The link below will take you to Map My Ride where you will see the route.

Be aware that I have not taken this route and haven't heard from anyone who has so it is completely untried as far as I am concerned.

You can go north out of Lake Charles to reconnect with the Southern Tier route.

Enjoy your ride!


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