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Baja California touring advice please

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Baja California touring advice please

We want to ride through the Baja this winter, most likely on Hwy 1 all the way to Cabo. Anything we need to be aware of? We have done a couple of long tours in the US, but don't know what to expect south of the border. Would appreciate any advice/news/warnings from those who have been there recently. Thanks!

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Baja California

Hi, I cycled on Hwy 1 (after entering from the US at Tijuana) to La Paz, and really enjoyed my time in Mexico. I'm used to cycling in heavy traffic and have cycled in Iran, Pakistan, India, Mexico, Thailand, Laos where road rules don't really exist, so I'm pretty used to dealing with erratic drivers, but the ride during the first week or so of Hwy 1 was the worst I've experienced.

I was cycling with 4 other experienced riders and we all agreed that it was the most dangerous road we've been on. We were unlucky to be riding on the road during the Baja 1000 race and were nearly run off the road several times by US R.V's (towing all sorts of off-road vehicles).

There is no hard shoulder on most of the road and if leave the tarmac / blacktop, you usually have a drop of 12" or more to soft sand. I found the locals and bus / truck drivers to be respectful and friendly. Hopefully by the time you get there the race will be long over.

There is some spectacular scenery along the way and we were invited to stay in locals houses along the way. I don't speak Spanish, but a smile and a bit of sign language goes a long way.

You can read a bit about my trip in Mexico here:


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Thanks Aidan,
So appreciate your comments. I am glad we are not going in November during the Baja 1000. Hopefully the traffic won't be so bad in February. I do realize the roads are narrow; we will use extreme caution. I am looking forward to the generosity of the people, and to the fish tacos!


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