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Pacific Coast

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Pacific Coast

I am cycling to San Diego in 2013. I am doing research. If you have anything to help me achieve this goal, i would appreciate it. I will do the famous pacific route. Thank you for your input.

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Oregon map

As you enter Oregon, make sure to pick up the free Oregon Coast Bike Map. I found it at a kiosk near the bridge leaving Astoria. I found it more useful than both the Adventure Cycling map and Tom & Vicky. Oh, and if you don't have a copy of Tom & Vicky (Bicycling the Pacific Coast), get one. It's commonly referred to as 'the bible' by Pacific Coast bicycle tourists. I found it helpful to photocopy the mileage logs from the book a few days out to have them in the map case on my handlebar bag.

Have a great ride!

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In the greater L A area, there is really no advantage to being near the ocean. It's not like Big Sur; more like Big Traffic. Looks like the ACA route puts you on a bike path from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach (which is good) and sends you east before you get down into some of the worst parts of Long Beach (again, good). But do you have any interest in the gorgeous mountains of Angeles National Forest instead? I'm sure a wonderful hybrid route could be put together...

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