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Salzburg to Linz Austria route ideas???

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Salzburg to Linz Austria route ideas???

Hi, does anyone have info on riding from Salzburg to Linz? We would like to do so but are on a Recumbent tandem trike & thus mountains are just to tough! Advice ASAP would be appreciated :-) the ride from Passau to Salzburg was tough but manageable but I'm not to sure for the other way. Thanx

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Salzburg to Linz

A few years ago I rode from Salzburg to Linz via Passau in three days. I recall the route from Salzburg to Passau (along the Salzach River) being easy to follow, flat, and mostly on paved or hard packed gravel paths. Did you take a different route to Salzburg? If so, you might consider taking this other route back to Passau.

I think I saw you guys last week while riding along the Donau. You were finishing a beer at a campsite/restaurant near Kapfelberg just as we arrived and took your table. I saw the Canadian flag on your hat and then the departure on your tandem trike.

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Hi there, Thanks for the

Hi there,
Thanks for the feedback and all we can say is "what a small world"... you are correct and we can recall who you are as well from Kapfelburg... apparently we should have stopped and chatted!

We could go back to Passau but don't really have the time. We did want to do something different though and are keen to have some more flatter/easier pedaling. The route down was pretty uphill graded the whole way and the idea of pedaling up to Anthering is unpalatable. We are considering riding out to Munich but am unsure just yet. We will decide by tomorrow evening as we leave then.

We have 2 weeks left and need to be back in Frankfurt to fly out. I have barely had internet the entire trip and thus we unfortunately have not warmshowered as planned. It has been tough witout internet as it would have made us very unpredictable which is what happened the one that we tried and that is not fair to those that are kind enough to accept us.

Anyhow, I appreciate your suggestions and feedback, any further is welcomed. If you are ever in Canada please look us up, we'd be happy to meet you.
Cheers, Kiersten & Denis

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