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Pedal Wrench Alternatives

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Pedal Wrench Alternatives

Hi folks.

Just looking to see if anybody has an alternative to carrying a pedal wrench. I need something to put on my pedals when I'm arriving, but I don't want to lug around a heavy pedal wrench all over the place, when I'll be using it twice. I can tighten them upon arrival.


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Pedal wrench

Rather than carrying a wrench I use an Allen key and two cone wrenches,used together they apply sufficient torque,both come with me on tour anyway!

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There are bike mechanics everywhere

We've found that even shade-tree bike mechanics in the 3rd world generally have a pedal wrench even if they have nothing else. So we've been successful using one of those cheesey pedal-size wrenches on a multitool, and then tweaking it a bit at a bike mechanic. On the disassembly end, find a mechanic to loosen.

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Pedal Wrench


I carry the appropriate size "cone wrench". It serves two functions, I can do a bearing lube on the wheel bearings, and, I can tighten the pedals. It's just a flat piece of steel that doesn't weigh anywhere near the amount of a combination wrench or crescent wrench.


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Hi there. I was searching

Hi there.

I was searching for an alternative and was reminded that the pedals have hex drivers on the inside. So I just saved a lot of poundage in my bags for two items. Ya, baby. Gotta love it.

But I like your idea of using the double cone wrench solution. Do you often take cone wrenches? I might just float without mine, or take one.