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Biking through New Zealand

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Biking through New Zealand

We are planning to ride through NZ starting in February, we have 3 months to do it in. This is our planned trip
If anyone has done it or wants to join us for part of it or has any recommendations or changes im all open for ideas :)
We are, so far, 2 girls, very amateur!!! Our main purpose for the trip is to raise money for World Vision. But we will also be sightseeing and overcoming personal goals :)
I have started sending out requests to hosts along the way but if there is anyone who we could add to our contacts list when we pass through you town that would be great!!!!
Look forward to any responses

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bike tour NZ

Very challenging plan, and had a look at the planned route. Be aware that the main roads in NZ not always have good shoulders to ride on, and although the wide and fast trucks are certainly 21st age most of the roads have been designed in the mid-20th century.
I would recommend to buy some good road maps (e.g. Kiwimaps) at a scale of around 1:300.000 (1cm=3km) or better so you can look for alternative routes. most of the road shown on your road seems to follow State Highway 1 from Aucklad to Wellington, but if you're carrying a tent and take some food and iodine (or other) water treatment tablets with you, the eastern part of the north island is much quieter and nicer (e.g. East Cape route, then down to Gisborne). Another perfect road would be from Rotorua south-east to Lake Waikaremoana, and then further to the coast. This is about 200 km of gravel with very limited facilities (but at least one good camping shop at the lake) largely through a nature reserve.
As roads around Aucklan are very busy, you may want to avoid it by using a ferry service to Coromandel peninsula. You could even visit beautiful Waiheke Island just off Auckland for 1-2 days.
Make sure you have a bike suitable for gravel roads (35 mm thick tires or even a bit wider) an know how to repair a puncture.
Also be aware that LINZ owns the database for NZ maps and can supply free of charge all survey maps of NZ if you send a hard-drive to their Wellington office (see

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your response!
Yes we are renegociation our route to not use the main highways :) The east coast is definately 1 of our changes! We also would like to do the west coast of the south island... what do you think of that??
The idea from rotorua to lake waikaremoana is a great idea and we will try to do that if we have the gear to! we are only beginners so need to see what our limit is hehe :)
Yes we want to ski auckland so probably will do a ferry. Waiheke Island is definately a stopover as i have a friend there who will help us out. World Vision wants to meet us in Auckland so wel will maybe do some non cycling days in Auckland and focus on the fundraising side instead.

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WestCoast cycling

Yep - the West Coast of the South Island is one of the most scenic areas to travel through. For most of it there is no way you can avoid SH6 as there are no alternative roads. along the coast. From Nelson to Murchison you can consider to go slightly south to the Nelson Lakes area. From the top of Lake Rotoiti there is a cyclable road to Murchison through nice bush, avoiding a busy stretch of SH6. Once south of Westport this road becomes quieter; in general the long and fast trucks can be a nuisance.
Along the coast there are some short side trips either running inland or to the coast; pick up a brochure from Dept of Conservation on possible walks and DoC campsites. Do visit Okarito and go for a kayaking trip - it's magic.
Just south of the glaciers thee is a dead-end road from Haast Village to Jackson Bay - never explored it but have been told it is quite interesting. Until the 1960 people living there only had boat access.
Good luck with your planning.


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We cycled last year 3 months through NZ and found PEDALLERS' PARADISE very helpful. It shows you the profiles of the routes and gives also recommendations which roads you should rather avoid. You can find more information here:
Smalls roads are generally ok and there is less traffic. We did not like the highways. Bring some good waterproof equipment and prepare yourself to fast changing weather conditions and wind! Especially for the south island.
We liked the west coast on the south island (Haast to Westport). There was little traffic and it is very scenic. We were lucky and had hardly any rain which is unfortunately rather rare.
Definitely you should visit Mt. Cook (if you don't do the west coast). You can also go there by bycicle. It is a one way road but very scenic and there is a DOC campsite.
The Gisborne to Opotiki route is very scenic and we liked that as well. If you are going north from Auckland we would recommend not to take the coastal road because it is narrow and fast traffic.

Here is our route:,179.692383&spn=27.243895,44.780273

Good luck!

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Thanks for your help! We

Thanks for your help!
We think we will do the west coast :) And also the gisbourne opotiki route! I have just bought copies of pedallers paradise! thanks so much for the tip :)

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bike ing in nz

Hi girls I live in New Zealand all the advice given to you is sound... some things to add on the east coast of the north Island bike down to lake tutira its below Gisborne after you have come through WAIKARAMOANA... walk up to the top of the hill behibd the lake get the view and enjoy its stunning .... take a well earned swim in the lake and camp. there is a little well stocked store opp the lake there are good toiletts and tap water. Bike down to beautifull Napier my home town. If you want accomadation and a great farm host frre experience contact me on my e mail address. Bike out to Clive and out to Clifton Beach and walk out to the magnificant Gannett Colony. There is a heugh festival for 2 weeks on in NAPIER BIGGEST6 IN nz ART DECO CELEBRATIOND WORTH HEADING FOR THAT AND AGOOD CHANCE TO RAISE CASH FOR YOUR CAUSE CHEERS AND GOOD LUCK WE ARE BIKING IN EUROPE FOR PAST YEAR AND HALF watch out for the timber trucks.......

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biking in nz

Hi Sherry!
how are you?
Im Franco, argentinian 32 yo riding my bike for the first time ever by myself...
I started in Christchurch last wednesday and Im heading south to Timaru, Lake Tekapo and then Queenstown...
After, will go up thru the west coast up to nelson and going back to kaikoura thru the marlborough sounds.
let me know if u wanna meet anywhere around...

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Hi Franco

Im in the north island sorry so cant meet up but it sounds like an amazing journey you have and you will love it :) If you have any questions or want reccommendations let me know and ill help you out :) Nelso and the abel Tasman was my favourite :) :) You picked a good time to do it! not too hot and not too much rain.
Good luck!

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