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Cyclingtouring tips for Oman

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Cyclingtouring tips for Oman

Anybody out here with tips for cycletouring Oman? We'll ride there for 2,5 weeks this winter.

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We just arrived in Oman this morning...

... with our bicycles. We'll let you know what we discover of Oman by bicycle.
Michele & Benoit

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Great, like to hear form you!

That's really great!
Have fun!!!

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First-hand Oman cycling info soon

We should have first-hand experience of cycling in Oman by next week. For now, it's a break off of the bicycles. Looking around us and asking questions, this is what we have found out so far:
- the roads are mostly paved and in really good condition. But the asphalt has no slip resistance so can be treacherous if it gets wet. (Roads designed to withstand very high temperatures, but not a lot of rain.)
- the highways around Muscat have very nice wide shoulders - not always though.
- it is possible to camp pretty much anywhere, and is supposed to be THE WAY to see Oman, but we are trying to find out about where to get water and food along the way.
- not a lot of cyclists on the road. A few locals, and a small group of spandex-clad cyclists are all that we have seen as of yet. We heard to watch out for the drivers, since they are not used to seeing cyclists. But compared to Iran driving where we just were, the Omani drivers are really good.

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Wow great guys! Thanxs for the info's!
Were are you staying in Muscat?
You supposed to get water at all mosques its safe to drink you don't need to purrify it. Sometimes they have special made places for camping at particular sides. I heard that by the sinkhole by Dibab I believe between Muscat and Sur there are toilets and water too.
Have fun and keep me posted! We're planning to do the Msucat - Sur- Nizwa and via the mountains Muscat route and you?

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Oman: Muscat - Sur - Nizwa route

Hi there,
We will be doing that route (Muscat - Sur - Nizwa) by car over the next few days. We will keep an eye on what it looks like for cycling. So far, it looks really nice. There is not much traffic on the main road and a very wide shoulder. Yesterday we visited the sinkhole near Dibab. Yes there are toilets and running water. I don't know if the water is potable. It is a lovely place for a swim.
Michele & Benoit

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Great again:>

Again Great!! guys.
Along the road Muscat Sur is the old road which we try to follow.
Great you'll mention the camping places with water. I heard all the tap drinking water in Oman is safe.
Keep us posted. And thank you for that!

Douwe and Blanche

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A bit about cycling in Oman

Here are our comments after our short visit to Oman (December 2011): 12 days using car/hotels and 5 days by bicycle/wild camping.
- A gps came in handy for finding small roads. The main roads have a wide shoulder usually though there are a lot of trucks and drivers go fast. Sometimes we saw truck drivers using the shoulder to allow cars to pass. Be careful of that.
- It seems that you can camp pretty much anywhere. For wadi camping, we had to push our bicycles through shallow rivers. So some footwear that can get wet would be handy. Some wadis we saw were not accessible with bicycles, but great for a hike and often there is a pool for a swim.
- For the most part, Oman seemed really clean. Then, we saw a beautiful wadi that was strewn with litter from picnics.
- The water is drinkable. No need to buy bottled water. The mountain villages have falaj (irrigation systems).
- There are a lot of flies. So much so that we had to put up our inner mesh tent so that we could enjoy a picnic without the flies bothering us.
- Hotels are expensive (for us) - the least expensive we found was a double room in Sur for 20 Omani rials - but the food is relatively cheap. When camping and on bicycles, we were spending less than 6 O.R. a day.
- The nights were surprisingly cool. Bring a good sleeping bag.
- Men and women are supposed to dress conservatively, even when swimming, that is to cover knees and shoulders. Although on private hotel beaches, it seemed that anything goes for dress code.
That is about it. Hope that you enjoy Oman. We loved the peaceful wadis!

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