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Flying to Barcelona

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Flying to Barcelona


I am planning on cycling from Barcelona to Gibraltar in November of this year. What I would like some advice on is picking a European airline to fly with. I am planning on flying Air Transat from Vancouver, Canada to either England, Germany or France, then hopping on a flight to Barcelona. Air Transat only requires me to deflate my tires, take off my pedals, then put my bike in a plastic bag, which the airline provides. So easy!

Is there an European airline that is okay with my bike in only a plastic bag?

Plus, any tips/raves that you would like to share about my chosen route, I am happy to hear them.

Warm Regards,

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Ms Brianna,
Have you looked into possibility of using train to get from Paris to Barcelona? Do know that there are some great overnight trains from Paris to Spain and maybe, just maybe one might allow bicycles. Maybe not a cheap as discount airline but the scenery and will save on nights lodging.

Suggest you check "Man in seat 61" website for information on subject.

Checked on Air Transit and wow what great fares and allowances for bikes!!

Have a great trip!


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well first: why Barcelona-Gibraltar?.....There is not a really too much to see by this route.....I mean,the road by the coast could be no so fun...any way.....I flyied by iberia and they were so bad poeple...and they are so expensive about the bike thing.....but somebody said there is 2 new Plane companies that I can't remember their names at the moment...that are real flexible about the bike thing.
good trip

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In europe if you want to fly

In europe if you want to fly anywhere on a budget check-out (European version of Soutwest). I did travel with my bike they required a box (that I got at the airport, but it depends on who you check-in with)

Trains in France are expensive and all the fast trains have little or no bike policy at all. regional trains would take for ever.

Alternative you could fly to Lyon and from there ride with the bike (It is only like 600km to Barcelona from there and some nice areas.


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getting to around europe

Funny to see this message I am thinking of Portugal myself.
The guide book I have suggests Lisbon to Malaga for November - out of 25 european tours it's the only one for Nov.
air transat has good fares to Glasgow and London.
the fares are cheap on ryan air to other places but the cost of the bike is more than the ticket.
I think Air transat only goes to London, Frankfurt, and Glasgow this time of year. They don't do Lyon from Vancouver.
Good luck

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