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Southamerica (Colombia to Patagonia) 2023/24 starting in September 2023

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Southamerica (Colombia to Patagonia) 2023/24 starting in September 2023

I will start cyling from Columbia (Catagena) down to Patagonia (Ushuaia) from mid-September 2023 until April 2024 (I could even stay longer...). Maybe sailing back to Europe afterwards.
My idea is to be outdoor as much as possible. I will also enjoy meeting people and explore nice spots as well as culture as part of my journey. I want to deepen my Spanish language skills on the go. Mainly sleeping in a tent or hostels, but of course also staying at warm-showers hosts.
I am a 44 years old experienced cyclist from Germany doing a gap-year. Did some trips in Europe, the Balkans and West Africa.

Iam still flexible with trip details/routing. Also timing could be flexible.
Happy to get in touch!

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Sounds like a fun ride! If you want we could aim to meet up and maybe go for a ride. I'm now in Bogota, Colombia. By the time you're in Colombia I think I'll probably be somewhere like Medellin or farther south. I'm planning considerably different travels than you so it would likely just be in one city or town that we could meet.

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Not sure why but for some

Not sure why but for some reason after replying to your message I got a site message in German. :)

"Ihr Kommentar wurde erstellt."

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Hello! I will be flying to

Hello! I will be flying to Santiago in a couple days and then starting to bike north! I am hoping to do a combination of biking and taking the bus, but am really looking forward to the Peru Great Divide, or at least parts of it! Any chance we will cross paths? I'll be bike touring November through the end of January. Eagle this messages goes for you too!

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Hi Robert

Hi Robert
nice trip . . . I will start Jan 17th in Santiago and go down to Patagonia - plan to be there first week of April. SO - maybe we bump into each other or maybe even cycle a day or two . . . I go along the coast where possible - from Pichilemu to Valdivia - head then inland to the lakes and down to Puerto Montt. If you keep me updated on your position we can maybe chat personally one day in January. Have a nice trip!
Anyway - everyone else going this way in this time - would be fun to meet some WS bikers . . . .Thomas

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One more to Patagonia

Dear Robert, dear all here,
early December 23 I will start in Bariloche, pass 7 lakes and over to Chile going south on Carretera Austral finishing in Ushuaia End of February if possible.
Would be nice to keep in touch here or even meet one of you cycling around.
This November I am doing a teaching assignment in Medellín Colombia
Where did you get so far, Robert?
best wishes

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well, i could host you or join you for a bit

im living in bariloche, so if you come by, i could host you if available.
im also planning to go to ushuaia taking the carretera austral this summer, so yeah, if anyone wants to meet or something, feel free to messsage me.