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Travel insurance

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Travel insurance


Does anyone have any advice on finding travel insurance for a multi month bike tour across Europe and Central Asia? We are UK residents and finding it a minefield!

Anyone got any companies they would recommend or tips for searching?

Thanks, Heather




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RE: Travel Insurance

Hi Heather,

Don't know if you've found something by now, but thought I'd add my 2p. I've taken out a Trek policy with British Mountaineering Council ( for a European tour this summer. I've not used them before, so can't give you detailed info about what they're like to work with, unfortunately.

Hope that helps,



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Probably a bit late but we

Probably a bit late but we have used One Cover Multi-trip in the past. They were great when I broke my arm. Even had a few "welfare check" calls from them. Processed my claim on return to Australia and got the money in 2 days. 

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Travel insurance

Some banks offer travel insurance on many of the better credit cards.
Platinum or Gold.

Here in Australia we use a ANZ platinum and get a 6 month complimentary travel insurance. We've had to make a claim once and it works. There are rules. Credit card costs us $200aud per year.
You need to spend at least $2000 aud on the trip and have to have a ticket back to country of origin. It can be an open Jaw.
ie. Fly London to Athens, then Bishkek to London.
Easy rules to adhere to

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Travel insurance

We have a bank account with Nationwide, the monthly fee covers travel insurance, on past tours I have rang them and gone through all my specifications to check we are covered, (eg cycle touring as main daily activity not incidental activity, cycling above a certain elevation, multi countries, pre existing conditions) for longer tours we have had to pay an upgrade fee, never had to claim but they cover for a reasonable price

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Would be interested in this

Would be interested in this too. I plan to cycle six months per year during the next hopefully 10 years. Interested in accident insurance. Credit cards usually only cover for trips not more than 30 days and if we do use their card to buy plane tickets which is not what we usually do in bicycle touring..... Thank you