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Singapore to Europe (2023)

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Singapore to Europe (2023)

*update, changed the year to 2023 (tentatively early Jan)

Hi all, i'm planning for a trip from Singapore to Europe in year 2022(tentatively May).

The below is the route by countries. Crossings by train is marked by (T)

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Vietnam(T)
  • China(T)
  • Mongolia(T)
  • Russia
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece

I'd uploaded a screenshot of the route too.

Anyone going along the route during that year?

PM for specific details.

Thanks and keep safe while touring.

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european tour

hey brice,
if the pandemic allows and you end up in the netherlands, you are welcome for a night on my couch in amsterdam.

take care,

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Thanks Maureen! While it's

Thanks Maureen! While it's still early to say when can this pandemic die down with the vaccines. I'm still planning ahead. Will monitor the countries that i'm passing through on their readiness and border openings. Keep in touch ya~ :)

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who knows it might join you

who knows it might join you for a short ride in europe. i have never toured on a bicycle myself, but in the netherlands we do ride our bicycles every day, just for short runs. i am curious if it might be possible for you to tour around malaysia on your bicycle in 2021. keep us updated!

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Hi Maureen, 

Hi Maureen, 
I'd definitely like to go around there for some practise and adventures. But i think Malaysia will still likely be having travel restrictions from other countries in 2021.

Yeah, that puts my plan of touring in 2022 in jeopardy too. i.e. "what if the world is still in lockdown till 2022?" 

Will update once the respective countries starts getting better. But i think you'll probably hear it earlier from the news that from me. heheheh


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Hey Brice,


I cycled that route the other way around.

Keep in mind though that getting a visa for Russia is bureaucracy at its best. China too.

Never mention the bicycle AT ALL when you apply.

A more interesting route I suggest is the Pamir Hwy through Kyrgyzstan ,Tadjikistan, Usbekistan, Turkmenistan. Russia can be a bit dull cycling there for months.

Kyrgyzstan has lots of beautiful mountains.

Go through the Caucas countries Georgia, Armenia, Azerbayçan or even Iran, most hospitable countries in the world. Turkey has also lots to offer, food, people all very good.


Dont get me wrong , Russians are very good people too. But going all the way from SE Asia to Europe has much more to offer than months in Russia.


Also, dont worry about practice. It is not a race. First week you take it slow and get used to it and after a few weeks it feels natural. Good thing about your route is, till the Cameron mountains you will be fit! And till you climb up to 3600m asl in Kyrgyzstan you are more than up to it.

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Hi Sven, yes someone did they

Hi Sven, yes someone did tell me before that we only mention that we are backpacking and taking bus/train when in country.

I can understand why no cars or motorcycles, but it's wierd that they don't allow portable stuffs like bicycles. 

For Russia, is a quick trip via the TranSiberia railway to Moscow and go into Finland.

Eastern Europe is indeed beautiful, i'll probably save them for another time.

Cheers man.

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Hey Brice, just took another look at your route. If you head up to Sweden I recommend to hop over to Norway and follow the coastal route. Not the Hwy inland. It is one of the most beautiful routes you'll find in Europe. From Bergen there are ferries to Denmark or the train over the Hardanger vidda to Oslo.

If you decide to do that, do not miss out Lofoten Islands and take the ferry back to Bøde.

Only keep in mind that Norway is not cheap. But so is Sweden and even Denmark comparing with the rest of Europe.


cheers mate

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Postponed to 2023

Postponed to 2023, as multiple countries' border openings are still unknown. Am still stuck in little Singapore. :(

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Departure date

I would think that May is perhaps not the best time to start from the south. By the time you get to Russia (even if you take a train) it will be cold, and colder still by the time you get to Sweden, etc. Departure in November would make more sense.

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Thanks mate. yeah you are

Thanks mate. yeah you are right. my consideration back then was because of trying to get the last bonus before leaving. But given the conditions on the road. It'll be better to leave earlier. :)