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Northern California Light Bike Tour - June 9th - 22nd

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Northern California Light Bike Tour - June 9th - 22nd

Hi all,

If anyone is interested in joining me, I'm planning a bike tour from Half Moon Bay, CA and will ride up near Fortuna. To get there, I will traverse parts of the Wine Country, then cut up via Highway 1. From there, depending on how many miles I log a day, I will attempt to cut over to Lake Tahoe, and if I have time make my way down to Yosemite. I plan on doing 60-100miles a day. We'll see how it goes as I haven't done a tour in a while. I plan on taking my road bike and doing a semi-ultralight setup with no panniers, only frame/handlebar bags, etc. I haven't had that much time to train, so I'm not super fit but I believe 60-100 miles/day is reasonable. I also plan on camping most of the way (unless I can find some generous hosts on this site). Let me know if you're interested, I'd love to have someone else to ride with.




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I am touring PCH from SF to LA June 17-26


I saw you post about touring in California.  I will start my trip on June 17 heading down the coast from San Fran to LA.  Plan on going about 60 ish miles per day.   Lodging will be a combination of camping, WS host, Airbnb , hotels.  Any way, if you happen to be traveling along the coast, perhaps we could share the road for a bit,

Good Luck,

Craig. Wehrli