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Advice on Biking Bay Area USA

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Advice on Biking Bay Area USA

Hello lovely cyclists,

I am doing my first full day ride from San Francisco to San Jose. Right now I am planning to take the 101 normal route but I was wondering if anyone has done this leg of a trip before and knows a safer route through neighborhoods? Also I would like to get a rideshare from Portland to San Fran July 11 or 12th and if you'd like to ride the San Fran to San Jose leg with me that would be July 15th :)

andrea hope

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The 101 route? Cycling will not be allowed on 101 through the Bay Area. There is no "Easy" alternate route to follow. Check out these guys routes:

If you need any assistance in SF please contact me!


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SF to SJ

You have chosen a tough route. Costal Highway works but you will need to climb back up to SJ
Go to Grizzy Peak cyclists web site and click on cue sheets. that will give you routes to chose from for parts of ride. you will need to piece together
SF to SJ inland is the Holy grail of routes. Many ways are blocked by parks, water reseroirs tec

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