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barcelona - san sebastian, route ideeas

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barcelona - san sebastian, route ideeas

hello all,

on 12th of july i will arrive to Barcelona and my plan is to ride to San Sebastian on my bycicle. This is part of a longer trip that started in Romania about one month ago, and will end somewhere in asturia on the coast. 

Any ideeas for the route i should take ? I don't mind hard climbs as long as the road is good, my bike is more tired then i am :))

I should mention that i travel with a tent and usualy camp in the wild, near rivers or lakes, or campings if nothing else possible.


thank you and any sugestions are welcomed,


ps: as soon as i arive in the city i will try to buy a good map of north of spain.

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Hi Florin, 

See in the following link a route through the Pirineus. It goes along the Cols, beautiful landscape. Hope it helps!

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