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Trains Novi sad to budapest

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Trains Novi sad to budapest



does anyone know if there are trains between Novi sad and Budapest that take bikes?

we’re biking along the Danube. 




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I cycled the Danube last year and did some train hopping along the way. I did not have any problems with getting my bike on the train. 


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Did you train hop in Serbia

Did you train hop in Serbia fine?

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I just took the train from

I just took the train from Belgrade to seemed ok, but I was the first on the train.  Don't think it would be fun if getting on the train when there are other passengers.  There is no dedicated space for a bike and there are stairs.  Paid for bike on the train.  Had to pay on Serbia side and Croatian side for bike.  

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Novi Sad-Budapest

Thanks for the update, Tara! Did you find any information about bike transport from Novi Sad to Budapest? Or did your plans just change?

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I cycled it. Did it on a

I cycled it. Did it on a Sunday in hopes of less traffic.

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Hello Kaya, I tried to get a

Hello Kaya, I tried to get a train from Novi Sad to Budapest 2 weeks ago as locals told me it should be (officially) possible now. I asked several times at the train station (at the normal desk as the international one seemed to be closed all the time) and was told that they can only garantuee bike transport within Serbia and that I will have to negotiate in Hungary then. When I showed them the serbian website from the train company which has a bike sign  (train Ivo Andric which is leaving from Novi Sad every day at 10:57) they told me it is only valid within Serbia.

I heard from locals that they managed to convince the Hungarian conductors to take the bikes from the boarder to Budapest on train ( without transport bags) after discussing a lot and a lot of hassle. So it seems possible. I am unable to confirm though as I was using car ride sharing in the end (had to be back home at a certain date and didn't want to risk ending up in Hungary)-it was quite uncomplicated to find one who could transport my bike too as lots of drivers went from Serbia to Austria with a transporter/truck/trailer.

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My, my partner and our 18-month old took the Novi Sad - Belgrade trains yesterday with no hassle.

Both trains had clearly marked bicycle areas and were modern, spacious low-set trains with wide doors and vestibule areas. However, I have heard from locals that they've had to get out on the Hungarian side and wait a few hours for a designated bicycle train, so maybe we just had luck or maybe someone in Hungarian railways has seen sense and allocated a bicycle-friendly connecting train.

On the Hungarian side of the border the Serbian train stops and the Hungarian one is right across the platform, so it was all pretty easy in the end.  We had to pay a small fee for the bicycles and the baby trailer.  The fare was about 12 euro each plus less than a euro for each bike on the Serbian side.  We didn't get charged on the Hungarian side, but another cyclist did (we have folding bikes, so they were less obvious), not sure what it cost.

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