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Email Problem - from guest to host

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Email Problem - from guest to host

We experience problems with responding to emails via the warmshowers mail gateway, mean answers to existing conversations ( send via an ordinary mail client (gmail Android, Thunderbird) were not transfered to warmshowers internal message system.

We could reproduce the problem with different hosts/messages and always had to double check, if the message was delivered by logging into warmshowers. For a workaround we just use the warmshower internal message system.

Problem persist for us since 05.04.19 ~16:00 PDT

Happy to provide more details.


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People have reported similar

People have reported similar problems also last year. So my conclusion is there aren't any admins fixing these things.

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Email reply issues

HI there, the best way to report this issue is to use the contact us form and submit all the details.  Our help desk will then take a look and see what we can do. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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Tahverlee, it is not a new

Tahverlee, it is not a new problem that the link in the email does not really work.
Has the outgoing email been changed now, to recommend that one respond via the website?  
I saw this response that it had been done:

This problem should be a top priority. But you just: "will take a look", "see what we can do".
(Your predecessor did not even write that, though. So there is some improvement.)

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email problems

I first reported problems with site emails, particularly notifications of messages, in August 18.

The problem still exists now, the site is basically broken for me. I've missed numerous opportunities to host because I don't get a notification email. No fix has been found or offered. it's a real shame, because the site used to work well before the redesign. progress, eh?

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I don't know what they are

I don't know what they are doing. They get over $100,000 of donations every year. I hope there is a couple of dollars left for maintaining the site after  Executive Director takes the compensation out of that $100k.

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