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Eurovelo Routes and English Maps?

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Eurovelo Routes and English Maps?


i have been searching for a while now for English language maps of Eurovelo. We are leaving the end of April to tour Frankfurt to Prague to Vienna to Budapest and hopefully down to Dubrovnik - we will loop back up to Frankfurt for our return flight, and I have not yet decided on that route (ferry to Italy and up? Or up the Croatian Coast?).

we prefer paper maps - also any experience with any part of this tour would be appreciated.



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Eurovilo Maps

Hi hello go to Google for Eurovilo bicycle routes.I have a authentic name for paper maps,"Verlag Esterbauer " Tel-+43  2983 289820 Austria.You may check n choose the language.Wish you safe ride n viel spass.

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Hi Phyl,

I think, you know There is also a (general) map of the eurovelo to be downloaded here: I know, it is also available as paper map. Of course this is only an overview, more for general than for detailled planing or navigation.

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