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Also morrocco.... Booking accom?

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Also morrocco.... Booking accom?

Hi there, heading from Europe to morrocco shortly. Wondering what is good strategy for finding and booking bike friendly accom eg: riads. In Europe I use I will be going budgetish in Morrocco..... My MAIN thing I want to know is how do you know when you go to a place or book it, will there be a place for your bike inside overnight? I hate the idea of arriving especialy a tricky big mdina, and not being able to find a nice place bike friendly. What are the strategies? Thanks! 

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Hello Callum,

Hello Callum,

I never booked an hotel/riad in morrocco, just went there, if they have no storage for my bike I move to another youthhostel nextdoor or in Fes I had to pay 20 dhiram for 2 bicycles in a guarded car parking. Otherwise they always have space! or find a place in the roof.  ;)


Enjoy your trip. 

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Hotels in Morocco usually

Hotels in Morocco usually have tile floors, no carpets. Walls are often tile too, so lugging a bike up stairs won’t scuff them. That means that hotel owners will rarely protest if you want to wheel your bike directly to your room.

The cheapest accommodation in Morocco tends to be under 10€. You won’t find much of it on and similar sites, though. You just show up in a town and ask; these places are almost never full. Note that for that price you usually have access only to a shared bathroom and cold water, but any sizable town will have a hammam or hot shower facility for only about 2€ more, you just have to ask the hotel reception where to find it.

Any true riad will not be cheap, probably at least 50€/night. They are meant for higher-end travelers. So, as a cyclist on a budget you probably won’t ever stay in one unless you really want to splurge.

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