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Marseille France to Paris

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Marseille France to Paris


Has anyone travelled from Marseille to Paris and could recommend a route. I would  love to take a route by the alpe d’huez to climb it and then take a train from Grenoble to Paris. Is it easy to take a bike on the trains and do I need a reservation? Arriving in Marseilles on September 7. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d also love to do some roadside/stealth camping along the way. 


Thanks in advance


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There are plenty of possible routes but the link above is our route from the climb to Arles and south. Link this to Marseilles and you have a route. But you can find your own route with a good map which keeps you off the main roads. Mt Ventoux could also be visited on the way...

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Thanks so much for the reply

Thanks so much for the reply and link. You have done some amazing riding! 

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About bikes on trains, it depends first if it's local trains (TER) or TGV (high speed trains). I am tempted to say that it's easier on local trains, but it depends on the region and then thos trains you take for short distances and they are slow.

Then, on some TGV, you can book a emplacemnt for your bike. It's 10 euros then and easy. On the others, you have to pack your bike and you may get angry looks from the controlers and being asked to move, but I did it once...


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