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Copenhagen - where to get gear?

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Copenhagen - where to get gear?

Hey everyone,

Thanks in advance for your advice! I recently moved to Copenhagen, and I am embarking on my first, relatively short (one-week) solo bike trip from Vejle to Skagen next weekend (Aug 25th). I haven't found a good solution for navigating yet, and I was hoping to get some tips. My original plan was to buy a power bank and a device to fix my phone to the handlebars from a second hand website. That way I could also use the Shelter app to find camping spots. But even second hand, it seems like those things are rather expensive here...

Could I look for a paper map instead, and mark the locations of shelters in advance? It would make me feel better if I didn't have to rely on technology for a task like that, but I'm also not sure where to get maps that cover my route but are detailed enough to navigate by. I also don't have a handlebar bag yet...

Thanks again!


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I use mapsme

you download before the maps and after you can use it offline 

you can import your way ( kml files ) I use gpsies to create itineraies and then sens an email with the files and open it on my phone 

and your waypoints I make a google map ( my maps ) and then export in kml format 

look before on your computer the diffrent shelters options on your ways as some are better than other 

In danemark you don't need to have your phone on all the time there is good phath well marked  and clear signs 

You can have a paper map for the day and if you have a problem take your phone 

A power bank will be a good idea too ( in frannce I buy them on amazon but in danemark ? ) 

you can also have a rest in camping on night /2 or 3 to plug your phone 

as the weather is often wet in DK put all your gear in plastic bags :) in your panier 

the must is a waterproof handlebar bag ! 

and yes a lot of things is expensive in DK ;( 





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Thanks so much for all the

Thanks so much for all the advice, Marie! In case anyone finds this later: I ended up finding two detailed maps for 100 DKK each, which together covered my route, at Cyklistbutikken 1905. I'm happy that I won't have to rely too much on my battery, but I guess if the route was longer, it would get pricey (and even a bit heavy!) to cover the whole thing.



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