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Spain after Hendaye ?

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Spain after Hendaye ?

Hello i am arriving from Velodyssee  around Hendaye next days with my son 10 years old .
I ask me where to go after Hendaye. Bicycle road look ending. I have 10 days in front of me.
Several option :

1 ride back to france. 
2 Following secure and easy road on cost Spain 
3 Following Bidasoa 

Thanks a lot for your information !

places to go, places to see, spot to sleep quite.

we are beginners :)

PierreG 0684533991 on WhatsApp 

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The coastal road into Spain

The coastal road into Spain is quite hilly and may be too hard for a young rider. It climbs to over 400m soon after Hendaye. The other roads are busier with traffic. We followed the coastal roads to Santander and met hills most of the days. I don't know about your other two choices.

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we turn after Hendaye on via verde bidesoa. Industriel at the beginning, it is very nice and topical after sunbilla.

we spend some nights in cold and tomorrow back to france.

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