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advice for cycling China 3 weeks

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advice for cycling China 3 weeks

Hi Everyone! I'm Tayla. I have vague ideas to cycle in China and would like some advice/ideas for 3week trip in December. I have recently just finished my first cycle tour through Finland, Sweden and Denmark and around Ireland. I like to do about 80-120km a day depending on the elevation gain. Im thinking perhaps near Yangshou area. But Any ideas or past experiences would be appreciated. I'm a solo female at 23 so any info in regards to safety would be appreciated too. Thanks warmshower friends!

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I would look for WS members in that area - they will know what advice to give.

Alternatively, if you Post the same question at one of the "mainstream" bicycle touring sites, you will inundated with replies within moments.

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China is very big. We where there for 3 months and did 5000km so imagine. So for 3 weeks, we suggest the region of Guilin and the region Yunan. This places are not to far fron Hongkong.

Have a good trip

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biking china

Hey, I lived for two years in Gansu province. I'm biased but you should go to the northwest. The country gets better the further west you go  --Gansu province has Langmusi and Xiahe, which are Tibetan areas. I haven't biked in Kangding and points west (just took a bus) but it's absolutely incredible. Yangshou is pretty cool too -- that part of the country feels more like SE asia to me. Yangshuo is on the banana pancake trail, so for better or for worse you'll bump into a lot of backpackers. Definitely don't be afraid to go into local spots and make a big scene -- Chinese people like 雌犬 ("pretty ladies") and will be entertained by you (you can either be annoyed by it or just own it). If I was in a province where I wasn't familiar with the food, I would wander around and point to what looked good, or wander into the kitchen and chat about what ingredients they had.

I never felt unsafe in China. I never even got sick from the food. The trains are cheap, reliable, and useful -- definitely get a yinwo (hard sleeper car). I got scammed in Shanghai after living in China for a year because coming from where I lived in the west, I didn't need to have a guard up (look up "teahouse scam" it's one of the oldest tricks in the book). In my town, I once paid 7 RMB instead of 1 for a cabbage because I didn't understand the old famer lady's dialect, and the old lady yelled at me and gave me my money back. The same stuff applies in China as anywhere - don't get in a taxi without fixing a price first, don't show off valuables, crowded places will have pickpockets. Cars are accustomed to bikers, and often there is more bike/motorcycle/scooter traffic than actual cars. There are mom and pop shops everywhere to get water and snacks.

Wo shiwan ni warde hao/HAVE FUN


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