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Biking around the US

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Biking around the US

My husband and I are in the last 7 weeks of planning our trip around the US and are looking for suggestions. So far our plan is very loose. We have lots of hopes, but we want to be as safe on the roads as we can.

We are leaving the last weeks of August from South Haven Michigan to Chicago/Wheaton area. From there we are headed to Des Moines, IA and then to Kansas City, MO. After that we plan to head to the east coast and then down to St. Augustine FL.

Any suggestions of routes? Anything that is worth seeing? Any advice?

Anything would be so helpful! We are experienced travelers, but have never attempted travel by bike.

Thanks in advance!

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To get to the coast take a

To get to the coast take a look at the Great Allegheny Passage and / or C&O Towpath. About as safe as you will get and gets you over the steep Appalachian Mountains with no more than a 3% grade.

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Look at ACA Maps

If you have not already discovered the Adventure Cycling Assoc., check them out and look at their maps. They have maps that would more for probably 80% or more of your route. They are bicycle touring specific maps and well worth the money.

When going from Chicago to KC, check out the various states' Bicycle Maps that should show lower traffic roads and/or routes. Be forewarned, when leaving Des Moines, the southern part of IA is very hilly. You would be much better off heading west then south once you hit Nebraska.

Best, John

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